The Greatest of These

This Post also Appears on the Pastors Screen portion of Locust Point Community Churches Website.  I posted it here with a couple of edits because I know some do not read or visit that site but may read this blog.
It’s February.  I am shocked that It’s already February but there you go.  It is.
So much has happened in the past month.  The elephant in the room is of course the fact that there is a new president.  Regardless of your feelings on the new administration, it’s safe to say that remembering the title of today’s blog, or more importantly remembering where that title came from is important.
Let’s look at it real quick.
Faith, Hope and Love Abide.  Abide is one of those words that people rarely use any more but it’s meaning is not really all that hard to figure out.  Some translations use the word remain but the meaning is clear.  Other things will end.  Circumstances change, people change governments change.  Everything changes but these three things.
It’s been a long few weeks for people in my house.  I am not a person who just sits quietly and agrees with things.  I have an opinion and I’m willing to share it.  If you are interested in that opinion dig around the blog a bit you can probably figure it out.  However I realized something last night when I was told to stop “trolling” Facebook.  I was forgetting a few things that are important.
No matter where we stand on the issues that are confronting us on a daily basis, no matter what our party affiliation, our stance on immigration, climate change, education, health care, fill in all the blanks that people are fighting about now and all the ones that are coming in the next months and years, if we claim to follow Christ.  If he is the one that we want to be like, to emulate and to share with the world, we must remember that all of these things, while important are temporary.  They are here for a moment and then gone when a new idea, or administration, or set of important issues comes up.  What matters what remains, what lasts are Faith, Hope and Love, and the one that is more important than any of the others is Love.  Love that is unconditional, unwavering, and constantly reaches to others weather we agree with them or not.
Don’t get me wrong. I believe we have a mandate from Christ to reach to the least the lost and the lonely, to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.  Inaction is not an option if you and I follow Christ and are working at living and moving and having our being in Him.  However I have to remind myself that through all the actions that I am willing to and must take, no matter what side I’m on, the person across from me, needs to see a Faith a Hope and a Love that endures.  One that is firm, but that also is sure and full of compassion for whosoever it comes into contact with.
So stand for your convictions.  Say what you have on your heart and in your mind.  Be strong for those that are weak, but in doing so be sure that behind that stand is not a need to be right, but a need to show people the God you serve, in real, tangible, touchable ways.  A God ever faithful to the promises in His word, a God who offers humanity Hope for eternity, a God who’s unfailing, unending, and unfathomable love is constantly extended to the people He created.  All of them those that you like, those that you don’t, those that you agree with, and those that you don’t, those that you understand and those that you don’t.  It extends to whosoever, and we all need to step back and realize that we all can be whosoever s, if only we will allow the God Shaped hole in our lives to be filled by the one that made us.

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