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It’s not personal it’s just business, while good in the corporate world is problematic when governing, be it sitting on the board of a church, being a member of city council, mayor, governor, senator, congressman or yes even president. It’s no secret that I am not keen on our new president. I am amazed at the willingness of many to ignore, mansplain away (what is so frightening about the mansplaining is the women that are also engaged in it) comments that were made, by saying ” but he didn’t mean that,” etc.
I am concerned for our country in the next four years. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I am rooting for his failure. That makes no sense. I will pray for him as I prayed for George W, and Bill Clinton, and George Senior. I suppose I prayed for Reagan but in an I was 8 when he took office and 16 when he left and yeah you get the point sort of way.
Governing is personal, things that work in the business world, the personality it takes to successfully grow, and run a company successfully are not the same.  As a government official you have to make difficult decisions, but as a business person you do so constantly looking at the ledger. The bottom line is growing the business, doing whats best for profit etc. While the best bosses have the ability to humanize the process, and can see the people they employ and serve as important, there is an over riding desire and look at the ledger, as it should be, it’s business. However the bottom line in governing is not whats best for the bottom line, but what’s best for the people you represent. Yes there are times that financial decisions will matter more, but there are also times that physical health will matter, or that housing and quality of life take a front seat. There are times that you can’t throw money at the problem because it’s not money you need.
When I look at some of the people being tapped for key positions in the current administration, I see someone assembling a team of elite 1%’s out of touch with the very people that got our president elected.
I want him to succeed but I also want us all to realize that we MUST stand up for those that are not just going to lose a voice, but those that think they now have one.
I find myself consistently frustrated by politicians in general. Too may are willing to re-write recent history to make themselves appear better than they are.
The thing is as a Christ follower my job has never changed and if you claim to be one neither has yours. It’s summed up in these verses in Matthew…
come-yeAs followers up Christ we are consistently supposed to do what is right, even when it may not line up with what we want to do, when it goes against what is considered the bare minimum, when the governing authority say’s we don’t really need to.
The apostles made it clear that there was a time to honor authority, but there was also a time to stand up, and many times in doing so, in standing up and living their lives for Christ they were not just persecuted by the governing authorities but in some cases executed.  Far from going meekly about their lives submitting to the authority they actively challenged it and stood against it when that authority was doing things that were contrary to what Jesus would do.
In many ways Right Wing Evangelicals have equated the republican party as a whole as the party of Christ.  To that end anyone they elect must be a Christian, and must by default be right.  I know that sounds simplistic, but the only answer I seem to get when bringing up my concerns about our president, and they are many, for our president’s unflinching support from many who claim Christ, is that: “It’s a big conspiracy,” that the media is out to get Trump, that I didn’t really hear or watch the the things that I heard and watched.  I have had my faith and profession called into question by a friend of a family in the church I grew up in simply because in that individuals mind, any true pastor would fall in line, vote Republican, push LGBT people out of the church, demand the de-funding of planned parenthood,  push for prayer in schools, and recognize that if America will just get back to God then suddenly it will be sunshine and unicorns.  The steel mills where I grew up will start up again, Detroit will start producing loads of gas guzzlers, and regulation of fossil fuels will disappear because face it climate change as we all know is bunk…I wish that is was just that person that thinks I’m past the point of what true faith is, but I know better.  As I read comments and see what people I grew up with are saying and how they are reacting to peoples very real concerns myself included I have realized something rather disturbing.  If that is what Christianity looks like, if those words, and those ideas, if this man is the person they want to anoint as the Christian choice for our country.  I don’t want to be in the club…I’ll turn in my card, and walk away from the entire system, because it doesn’t fit…he doesn’t fit.
Years ago Christians talked about the importance of the character of the people in office in our country.  They called the private lives of elected officials into the public, decrying past behavior and making it an important part of their ability to serve. All of that has gone out the window this time around.  Not only are the same people that called for impeachment, investigation, and imprisonment excusing the behavior, they actively stick their heads in the sand and ignore it.  Now the past should be left alone, who can really know what he was thinking, that’s just locker room talk.  I get why people call so many christians in America out for their hypocrisy.  It’s rampant.
I want a few things from President Trump.  I want him to succeed, but more than that, I want to see him come to a real, authentic, life altering faith in Christ.  Naive… of course it is but it’s what I want.  It’s what I have wanted for every President we have had since Reagan.   What I don’t want is the de-funding of planned parenthood, the national endowment for the arts, the corporation for public broadcasting.  What I don’t want is for my daughters and yours to have to worry that some idiot is going to act like this man has in his past, treating women disrespectfully  and talking down to them. What I don’t want is for my black friends to be pushed and pushed and pushed into molds that they don’t fit.  What I don’t want is some big wall to our South and North, because remember not only do walls keep people out, they trap people in.  I don’t want some vaccineaphobes kid to be in the same class as my daughters, exposing them and others to needless disease, but more important exposing people with compromised immune systems to danger.  I don’t want my kids and grand kids to be the ones stuck with a world that has been used and used and used and used with no regard to what that use is doing to God’s creation.  I don’t want to be told how and who I can worship, which means I don’t want us telling others how and who they can worship. I don’t want to ostracize people who look, sound, believe, and love differently than I do, I don’t want to put myself in a place to make decisions for a woman that I don’t know, will never meet, and have no idea the situation she is in, because the moment I make rules or strike down rules that effect their freedom, I am removing my own freedom as well.
I will be praying every day not just for our President but for every leader that sits in Washington.  This I can and will do.  But I will also bee looking for ways to be Jesus with skin to those that are afraid, disenfranchised, and ignored.  I will take the opportunities that are afforded to stand with them, to be a voice that advocates for them. To call out our leaders if need be.
Being a Christ Follower has never been easy…if you find it so then you’re doing it wrong.

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