The other post…

I have another post…it’s a really good one too, it’s almost done.  I’ve been working on it for a few days.  There’s a really cool picture in that post from our trip to Fright Fest.  I talk about relevant things in that post. Frustrations with life at the moment, worries about things that are coming, annoyance with people who claim Christianity.  It’s a good post.  I’ll finish it up and post it…it’s a good post.

This isn’t that almost finished post though. You’ve probably already figured that out.

I don’t sleep a lot any more.  Life has been handing us a lot to deal with.  Everyone knows that.  So when I have an excuse not to sleep it makes things better, I can tell myself that I’m not sleeping for a good reason, instead of because of the concern and worry that plagues me. Anyway Tuesday night I was awake because I was concerned about the election.  To be clear I didn’t start out that way, and while I didn’t think it was a complete lock, I was pretty sure that the American people had the keys and were heading to the door…then I popped over to the news and saw the map and realized that not only were we on the edge of the rabbit hole, but that darn rabbit was behind us about to give us a push.

My heart sank when they called state after state for Trump.  There would be one brief moment when sanity seemed to be prevailing, and then again it started to happen with Trump being given state after state.  To make matters worse Republicans retained the Capitol building.  Promising that the next four years have the potential to be terrifying.  Health care will be rocked, common sense regulation abandoned, and another attempt at trickle down economics, a failed concept over and over and over.

More than anything I couldn’t stomach the fact that a man who in 1992 talked to a 10 year old girl and then told people he would be dating her in 10 years was actually going to be sitting in the Oval Office.  I have a 10 year old daughter, in fact I have three daughters, three daughters that have to live in a country that has decided for whatever reason to give a sexual predator the most important desk in the land.

So many of my old evangelical friends have some strange notion that America equals Israel.  That our country is in some way a New Testament substitute for the Old Testament Israelites, except that it’s not true, but for arguments sake lets say they are right (for the record they are not!)  The conventional godspeak that they use is the idea that God set this whole thing up, and while I don’t believe last nights results took God at all by surprise, (part of that whole omniscience thing) Lets apply a concept from the Children of Israel…They decided that they wanted a king, even though they were not supposed to.  They put up a big fuss and told Samuel they wanted a king. Samuel told God, Samuel was frustrated, he understood what was coming, understood what would happen, he could see what was coming even before the whole king thing happened.  He was offended for God, and told God so, then God said this…


Several months ago, the religious right anointed Donald Trump as their chosen King.  People like James Dobson, and Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham have asked for their King, and have encouraged their followers to do the same.  Well they have the King they asked for…One only need look at what happened to the Children of Israel when God gave them their king. It wasn’t what they were supposed to have, it wasn’t the best thing for them, but they didn’t much care about that, they wanted what they wanted…

Will the world keep turning?  Of course.  Will we make it through the next four years?  I would like us to, but I’m really not sure.  I know that I have friends that are afraid, we minister to Syrian refugee families that are going to be terrified.  Joyce has students at school that are worried. But none of that matters right, because we have a guy who promised to repeal healthcare, stand up for the right to own guns, build a wall keeping people out…(do we realize that walls also keep us in?)  A guy who consistently disparages entire people groups, looks at women as less than men, and is down with torture, and using nuclear weapons if we need to…

They have their King…

As a person that follows Christ I have this mandate to share the Gospel with people, not some people, not a few people, not people who I understand and am comfortable with, just people.  If I get the chance to do so with words that’s fine, but more and more I am convinced that the gospel is shared through living like Christ.  I used to say acting like Christ but more and more I realize that acting is not the same thing as living.

What I have been noticing through this whole election and again in the outcome is the massive disconnect of many people who claim Christ and want to live like him and the desire to somehow bring back a time that they thought was better.  Having lived through some of those times I just am amazed, and sad, mostly sad.  Progressive, Christians are shaking our heads and wondering how our more conservative counterparts can possibly impart to the president elect faith in Christ simply because he scratched their ears on everything from abortion and marriage equality to climate change and a conservative supreme court.  Yes my person lost, but to be clear, he wasn’t even on the ticket and so I shifted my vote, and that person too lost.  I have an opportunity, I can complain and blame and do all the things that this piece seems to do, or I can live like Christ.  I can realize that now more than ever the church is going to have to stand in the gap for people, now more than ever we as a group of Christ Followers are going to have to live and move and have our being in the one we claim to follow, we are going to have to take care of the people that for the most part we may have been tolerating or giving cursory attention to, allowing the state to pick up the slack, legislators to pass the rules, non-profits to meet the needs.  Now more than ever we as a Church, a church as a whole, conservative and progressive is going to have to be Jesus to the world around us.  We may get the chance to use our words, but our actions are really all that will matter.




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