Holding Hands

Holding hands is so easily taken for granted.
23 and a half years ago I slid my hand across a church pew at Southside in Lakeland FL and she took it. The butterfly’s were huge, but the happiness and excitement were amazing.

You learn a lot about each other in 20 plus years and in that learning you grow not just in love but in something more.

In 2010 I blogged for a month about J being sick. Over the coming months, with her permission of course, I will do so again.

She has been diagnosed with stage 3, invasive, Lobular cancer. We are looking at a fairly involved treatment plan, including chemo, surgery, radiation, shots and pills for 10 years.

We don’t want pity, although I am sure many will give it. We need prayer,support, and friends.

I would also ask that people not tell me, her, or the kids God is in control, that He has us in his hands, he loves us etc. these things while true currently ring very hollow. I know a pastor is not supposed to say that, I know we are supposed to have answers and all that. Well we don’t and I don’t.

Speaking of the kids, if you are reading and interact with them, please don’t mention this till next week even if you want to encourage them. We will be telling the, this week.

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