The Greatest of these…


Looking at life through the lens of religion can turn a person into something they never meant to become.  I am more and more convinced as I continue on in the life that God has brought me too that I have had it wrong for a long time.  I have always felt a bit out of sorts with the traditional interpretation of Christianity, or at least the one that I and countless others are supposed to hold dear.  It’s no secret that I don’t really have loads of time or space for right wing political Christians, people using the faith that I hold dear as a platform to fulfill their dreams or desires.

The willingness of many to stand for their rights and freedoms, to claim a Christian nation, all of those things has been bothering me as well, mainly as it doesn’t line up with what I see Jesus doing throughout his time on earth.  Some point to the Old Testament and attempt to shoehorn our country into it in some allegorical missive of being Gods chosen nation.  I don’t really see that either. For a long time now I’ve been struggling to figure out what it is that has caused American Christians, at times myself included to lose touch with what Jesus said was important, then I found the quote posted above on a friends Facebook,this friend also happens to claim Christianity as their faith… and it all slipped into place…

1 Corinthians 1313 [widescreen]

That’s such a huge difference.  I think that there are times when what I’m free to do is more important to me than loving others.  Okay I think is the wrong thing to say, I know that there are times that this is the case.  I only have to look at this past Saturday to prove this point.  J and I were getting ready to head to the church for an all day event.  The morning didn’t start out the way I thought it should and I was in a bit of a mood.  There were some guys working on the steps at a business where we had to park for the evening, another thing that ticked me off as I’m sure there were people who didn’t have area 9 parking passes and yet they took our spot in the neighborhood.   The truck that the guys were using to work from was behind our car, I told him I needed him to move, and he said okay give me a minute, I reacted in a decidedly not loving manner and said no you will move now I need to go now… Of course as an american I’m free to be a jerk, but as a Christian I’m supposed to put aside that freedom in deference to loving others.

For some reason it seems the American Church and the American Christian is more concerned with Freedom, rights, and all that stuff and less concerned with Faith, Hope and Love.  If we really believe that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, if we really believe that we have been given a commission, why on earth do we all myself included forget the things that Jesus did when he wrestled, and when he reached.

Ayan Rand is a great author but when Christians begin to live totally by the principles she has set out, it by necessity will put them at odds with the person that lived and died and rose again.

In a nutshell here is what Ayan Rand believed…

Ayn Rand’s Philosophy for Living on Earth, Objectivism. reality, reason, self-interest, capitalism.

That’s not what we are supposed to be about, and yet I find many times that Christians in America, (based on my news feed, popular christian leaders, and political Christians.) seem to be right there chasing after our freedoms, what makes sense to us, what we want people to be when it comes to faith and the money to minister.

It’s hard to read what Rand says and then Read what Paul said to the Corinthians and not see the problem with Christianity in the USA, more problematic though is seeing the problem in my own walk, because if I’m going to really be about this whole living and moving and having my being in Christ.  If I really am trying to be a Christ Follower as opposed to a Christian then I have to change, I have to give up my freedom and take up his burden, not just when it’s convenient, and not just when I’m feeling good about it, but daily, even when a guy is parked behind me and I’m in a foul mood and I may be the only interaction he has with a Christ follower that day.

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