Reedeming the Time…

I know I devoted an entire post to the whole Kim Davis thing.  It was one of the most popular posts I have written if you read it thanks.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse either but something is sitting in my spirit like a brain freeze after a particularly yummy Slush Puppie 340_Sp_Doghead(look it up if you don’t know what that is.)

Today Kim was released from jail, her office has been running normally in her absence and things are all fine and good, except they aren’t.

In the past 5 days…

  • Runaways: approximately 969.2 kids ran away in the past five days this is of course based on 2014 NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) data.
  • Homelessness:  According to the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year 3.5  million / 52 * 5 = 336538.461538, so over 33,000 people in a five-day span.
  • Hungry:  we start with 45.3 million and do the math
  • Jail: On any given day 2.2 million Americans are in Prison or Jail according to the sentencing project
  • Suicide: According to the CDC 105 people take their own life  each day…so 525.

All these numbers are of course approximations but they serve at least to me as a very real visual of what should matter…

Eph. 5:15   Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk—not as unwise people but as wise— 16 making the most of the time,a,b because the days are evil.

What is sitting in my spirit is the facts I read from the article detailing her release.  People camped out overnight outside the courthouse to support her, they waved flags, came from across the country to sing songs, wave crosses and stand up for her rights.  Presidential hopefuls Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz came to town to “stand up” with Kim…Five days of spectacle, five days of christians (small c on purpose)

This is what bothers me about this whole situation. They gave her Rocky’s theme song. The vowed to fight, they did all of this and yet all those statistics kept happening.  Would the same people who staked out a place waved their signs and protested for five days, spend one day helping deal with any of the people I wrote about a couple of paragraphs ago?  I guess it’s possible, but I’m sad to say I think unlikely.

I feel like people have lost sight of what matters, we have forgotten about all the people we need to reach, in our desire to stand for what we think is right.  I guess I’m ashamed of what American Christianity has become, ashamed of what so many people who are part of my past have decided matters, ashamed of the fact that there was a time when I would have cheered this whole process on.

Christ followers don’t really have time for this, at least not in my estimation.  Those numbers in those bullet points above don’t have time for us to fight the good fight of a Christian Nation, they need us to fight for them, to stand in the gap in prayer and in deed so that they have a chance to fill that God shaped hole I talked about in my other post.  That is what matters, or at least it’s what should matter. Perhaps the most damning thing in this whole post though is the fact that I spent time writing this rant, instead of figuring out how to redeem the time.


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