The Over Share…

You know the ones I’m talking about don’t you… “friends” on a myriad of social media platforms.

I guess I should start this little tirade with a bit of a disclaimer…For me Social Media in any form is used for one of two things, communication and connection with friends across that miles, or communication and dissemination of information for ministry… Now don’t get me wrong, I remember the days that I spent poking friends because it seemed fun stupid but fun…Then there was that ever present giving people stuff…a drink, a car whatever I think I remember that.  Posting and sharing fun stuff about the kids is great, and the occasional send up a prayer if you think about it, going through something…I used to post pictures of the food or bread I would make, mainly to make others jealous of what they didn’t get to have…

What I don’t remember doing was posting things that no one wants to know, needs to know or should know.  I am happy to know you need prayer for something, or need to talk about something.  If we are friends on facebook or if you are a twitter follower, by all means put it out there that you are going through something…but keep it at something, if you want to go into detail send an email, make a phone call, or even a Facebook message…a PRIVATE one…

Additionally it bugs the spit out of me when people want to try their relationship issues in the court of facebook opinion… cryptically saying things like “you know who you are,” or “some people bet (yes I said bet) mind their own business.” or whatever other semi private but really public because you want to be supported by whoever will take your side in the argument is just wrong. Deal with your relationships like a grown up not like an 8 year old.

Then theirs the people who tell you every minute detail of what they are doing every other minute.  “Getting food with my girl.”  “Watching movie with bae (still hate that.)  “wish my boo were here.”  WHO CARES besides you what you are doing at any given moment.

And please everyone everywhere stop referring to your Pets as children…Pets are not Children.  I will be the first to admit that pets become a part of the family.  They offer great comfort and companionship, they enhance the quality of life but they are not your Children, they are not your kids. They are your pet…you own them, when moving to a new place if you are faced with a Pet Deposit there is always the consideration of re-homing your pet so as to have a better quality of life for the humans, there isn’t really that consideration with Children.  Pets are not people too, they are pets, important, special, well loved even but not equal to humans in any way shape or form.  Posting every thing your dog or cat or whatever does and calling it your child is just as bad as the other stuff.

There have been countless times over the past few months that I have seriously considered closing down my personal Facebook account, and usually it has to do with what people are posting that comes across my news feed or timeline or whatever it’s called, because while I enjoy political conversations to some extent, or a good religious debate once in a while, knowing that you had El Polo Chico Renaldo for supper because you spent the night on the toilet with a trash can in front of you, and you pray to all that there is to pray to that your Boo will get home soon because you don’t want to be sick alone. Yeah that’s not all that interesting to me…well that and any member of the Tea Party that posts anything… make me just want to bail…but I don’t…and why don’t I…because every once in a while, someone will post something that makes sense, usually a friend or old class mate or whatever, and when that happens I get to smile a bit and laugh at the old picture from fourth grade, and find a few friends from before that I forgot I even had…until they start talking about their child boo boo who was so cute when he started barking at the leaf on the back porch…then well they just have to go.

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