I live here…

My mother in law and I were talking the other day about the news cycle and all the things that happen and how many of them happened before, but due to the lack of technology were not really known for months or if ever, depending on where you were in the country in relation to the event. 

Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, CNN, and for those so inclined Fox. Something happens somewhere and we are instantly aware, and in that awareness we all feel obligated to wax eloquent on the situation.  But today as I watch my Facebook feed I find myself promising myself that I wont do that anymore. 

Our city is litterally in flames in some quarters, police officers have been hurt, some seriously, kids lives are being ruined at an astonishing rate, and city officials are presiding over this nightmare, and people across social media, find it necessary to speak up and tell it like it is.
Please dont, dont politicize this tragedy, dont use it as proof that your side is right, that if only your side was in power things would be diferent.  Don’t use my citys tragedy as a soap box. 

What we should do, pray for our leaders, and the kids, and churches, and pastors and parents.  We should look for ways to serve, we as Christ Followers should be there to pick up the pieces, when the dust settles.  We should bring trash bags, and rakes and shovels and paint and help a community rebuild.  We should make cards for injured officers, and food for people living in looted out areas.  We should remember that they were hungry, sick, naked and in prison.  So many things we should remember, so many things I should remember. 

So please if you have it in your mind to comment on my city, pray first, then as you put keys to screen, pray some  more, and finally as you poise your fingers above the enter key…press delete.

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