The Next Step…

If you are in or around the Baltimore area or know anoyone in or around the Baltimore area, this is where Locust Point Community is heading.  If not I would love some comments and thoughts…

If We Build It
Time is precious; once spent it can’t be recovered.  Trite, sure, but true nonetheless.  Locust Point Community UCC is in an exciting time, and we want you to join us for what’s next.  Better yet, we want you to tell us what’s next.  Will you give 4 hours one month to build the church you would attend? 
Jesus was an intense guy.  When he walked the earth he turned all the religious conventions on their head.  He changed the way people talked to God, how they interacted with God, and how they treated each other.  He broke down barriers, advocated for the outcast, and called the religious leaders to an accountability that they didn’t ask for or want.  Is it any wonder that they wanted to silence him? 
Religion is one of the most divisive things in our world today.  People use religion to justify discrimination, violence, and intolerance.  “Religion” is not what we want to be about at Locust Point Community.  We want to be Jesus with skin: reaching, serving, loving, caring, healing, holding people accountable, building people, tearing down walls and veils, dealing with the least, the lost, and the lonely as well as meeting with the influential, the wealthy, and the wise.  Jesus did all these things and more.  Carpenter, prophet, messiah, rabbi, teacher, high priest.  At any moment, Jesus was one of these and all of these. If we are going to be Jesus with skin, we need to be ready to take on these same roles, and while no one of us is able to fill them all like he did, as a team we can do great things.
Locust Point Community UCC has been in the neighborhood for more than a century and has no plans of going anywhere any time soon.  We recognize that just as people grow, just as the neighborhood has grown and changed throughout the years, so too do people’s understanding of what church is and what it’s meant to be.  We will continue to offer a traditional service for those that find it to be the best way to connect with God, while at the same time we recognize the need to evolve with the neighborhood.  As the Pastor of this great church, I see no reason why we can’t simultaneously honor the past, and look to the future.
So what does this mean, what’s the catch?  It’s simple, actually.  We want to welcome people who grew up in Locust Point, people who are new to the neighborhood and area, and people who are tired of a church that makes you feel like you have to have it all together, know a secret language, and get all the boxes checked before you can hope to be accepted.  We want four weeks of your time to help us design a new kind of gathering.  Four hours for one month, one hour a week we will tackle some tough questions, give you a chance to share your stories, good and bad, about church, God, and “Christians.” We’ll then consider all of these things, plus a few more, and begin to put together Locust Point’s Community Church. 
Our aim is to be a diverse group of people seeking to follow Christ, living and working in community for a common goal – to be Jesus with Skin. 

Would you come?
What would you want to see in this space?

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