Dear John and Mark,


I realize that I am not one of the influential christians that has the worlds ear. I realize I have not written books by the thousands, in fact the one that I am in the middle of writing is at most a cathartic practice.

I’m a used to be. I used to be a youth pastor, I used to be an associate pastor, I used to be involved on a district level in leadership.

I am called, I know that I am gifted, that’s something that I realize. I am also broken, something that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. I am writing to you as person who was in full time ministry and who will be again if God opens those doors, and who will continue to do what I can where I am until that time comes if ever.

As a used to be that is attempting with all that is in him to follow Christ, I am really embarrassed by both of you. I have read and enjoyed both of your ministries, I grew up in the AG, moved on toward non-denominational leanings because I didn’t really fit in the AG world. Since then I have moved in other directions. If you were to read any of the blog that I am posting this letter to you would find a person that is attempting to walk out the faith he has found in Christ and to bring light to people who have no clue.

I am writing because I don’t understand the motivation behind the current fight within the evangelical church. As you are the most visible at this point, and as your twitter accounts, instagrams, and conference are at the forefront of this battle.

What I see in the events of the weekend, tweets from the conference, tweets from the people who are against the strange fire movement, rebuttals, articles, and proofs that either side is right has taken away from the work that we are called too.

If registration for the conference were just 50 dollars, with 3000 attendees we are looking at $150,000 that could have been used to reach people who need a relationship with Jesus.

It’s a tragedy to me that instead of the church, not the cessasionists, not the charismatics, not the evangelical, not the catholic, not the AG or Baptist, or Episcopal… you get the idea it’s a tragedy to me that we have the hope of Christ and instead of sharing the hope of Christ with a world that is dieing, we are throwing rocks at each other. Staging book give aways at a place we know will spark controversy, and telling an entire group of people who have a very real faith that they are wrong, and they really have no relationship with God.

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog that was a dig at the partisanship I see in the church. The idea that we are to live at peace with all men as much as possible.

Gentlemen when you fight like this, when you tear down in the name of truth you make it harder and harder for the every day Christ Follower to share their faith.

Jesus made a pretty clear statement. And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Mar 16:15 NLT

This did not happen these last three days. What did happen was a bunch of christians (little c intentional) getting up and attacking each other while the world looked on, shook their heads, and stumbled away lost, hurting and lonely.

Praying for you both, and for those in authority.



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