The Aftermath

Yesterday saw the aftermath of the 2013 VMAS.  Forget that fact that you would be lucky to actually find a music video on MTV any more. The awards show was yet again a place for all kinds of behavior good, bad, ugly, and puzzling.

I like many of my friends, couldn’t look away when watching Hannah Montana frolic, no cavort  across the stage  in such a disturbing manner, more entertaining were audience members reactions, just Google audience reaction to Miley Cyrus VMA and you’ll see what I mean.

While I wanted to give the girl some clothes, that had to be the ugliest teddy bear whatever it was I have seen, and the plastic underwear that turned her into any one of the Barbie’s that litters my house on any given day in a state of undress ( I have three daughters) was about as sexy as, well yeah one of those Barbie’s, shoot one of them had it’s head popped off and I consistently have to pop it back on many times, that poor doll looks like the victim of some tragic accident that rendered her neck-less. 

Which brings me to last night.  Was this Miley’s tragic head popping accident, or was it something totally different?  I think some of us, especially those of us that are old enough to have kids that rode the Hanna Montana train for a while, are having a hard time with this because of what it may mean for our kids…

See the first problem is her name is Miley, not Hannah,  somewhere in the past 5 years we have swapped the ideal Disney world of uber-talented kids, with loads of disposable income and parents that at times may appear bumbling but in the end know best for the reality of the middle class family.  Now where this can be excused in our kids, yea not so much for us, but somehow we have done it, evidenced by the fact that the first thing that came to mind was…I can’t believe Hanna Montana is doing this…

Second problem she’s 20, remember when you were 20, ever look back at when you were 20 and wonder what was I thinking, what was I doing? why did I get this?  At 20 we are invincible, full of ideas, and ready to show the world…so while what she did was really in poor taste, and how she did it was just jaw dropping she did what every 20 year old does, made a decision based on the moment and the shock value instead of taking a long hard look at it and saying” hmmm I wonder if this huge dragon tattoo starting on my neck and spiraling all the way down my arms with the tail ending on the bottom of my big left toe could effect my prospects for happiness and financial security in the future.”  I mean come on I’m going to be 40 in 13 days and I still do things at my parents house just for the shock value. 

Here’s the thing. 

When I was a child, I spoke, thought, and reasoned in childlike ways as we all do. But when I became a man, I left my childish ways behind.  1 Cor. 13:11 (Voice)

The author is reminding us what it is supposed to be we are not supposed to stay stuck at an age, we are supposed to grow up we are supposed to change we are supposed to mature.  I wonder how difficult it is for Hannah Montana to grow up when so much of her life is preserved in the Disney Vault (anyone else find that creepy, Disney has a vault) she’s stuck at that age.  It must become all important to totally break that image to shatter it beyond recognition so that you can move on. 

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that Miley’s way of dealing with it, her way of breaking that image was the best, but again that can also be part of growing up, part of putting away childish things, which is so much more than Barbie Dolls or GI Joe’s.  It takes time to put away the need to be shocking, or trendy, or whatever it is that humans so readily want to identify with.

The video I saw last night was shocking but also sad, if you can stomach it look again, don’t look at the clothes look at the body language, look at the tongue hanging out the whole thing became painful to watch mainly because as a dad of three girls one of which hit middle school this week, I see more than so many others saw.  I saw a girl desperately wanting to get away from her past, needing to be seen as an adult, needing to be validated by the big kids, wanting to be accepted into the adult world, needing to leave Hannah Montana behind.  Trying to put away childish things, only to find that it’s harder than it looks…

Where there better ways to do it, to break ties with her past, to step into the arena of adulthood of course, but lets face it, we all have our Miley Cyrus moments, we’re just lucky enough to not have them televised for the world to see, and tweet…

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