When a yo yo is just a yo yo

I must be missing some things when it comes to what I think I’m hearing and seeing from God and well what I’m hearing from God.

Tough news today, as I thought I had really heard from God about this whole Student Ministries pastor thing.  There were all kinds of things that seemed to be pointing to God doing something and opening a door at our church. 

Several weeks ago I talked about the strange yo yo occurrence.  It was one of those things that people who are all oggy oggy, yes there’s that technical term again, would have seen as confirmation.  I don’t go in for all that but I would be less than honest if I said that I didn’t sort of put the Yo Yo occurrence in the yeah this has to be God column of this whole endeavor. 

I am pretty bummed out.  Yea I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the position, but the bummedness comes from the fact that I obviously have no clue when it comes to hearing from God, fulfilling the call he has placed on my life and gifted me to fulfill, being what I am.  That’s the part that really bothers me. 

I cried for a while, I’m sad, and I skipped out on the annual meeting where I would have to guess they are going to announce the new guy. 

Here’s the thing through this whole process I have said I just want to know and move forward with whatever there is.  I made the statement that regardless we are at Seneca because it’s where we fit and where we feel we are supposed to be.  That remains the case.  I will continue to work with Bob on Saturdays, I’ll help out in Ignition if that’s wanted, I’ll be a part of Men’s Breakfast and men’s ministries as well. Those are not going to change, I just needed to not be there tonight to hear once again that you should be proud but, or we liked you but or fill in the blank when you are second or third place.  Those things don’t really help, to that end I actively chose to skip the annual meeting mainly because I’m being a little bit childish and since I’m not taking my ball or in this instance Yo Yo and going home, I needed a chance to stick out my tongue and say I don’t want to be your friend any more, all the while knowing that tomorrow or the next day when we are out on the playground we’ll be back to our old tricks hanging out and having fun. 

And there it is the saga of Seneca has come to a close and once again I am not…

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