Marbles and Yo Yo’s

To say it’s been an interesting few months would be the understatement of the century as far as I’m concerned. 

Starting back in October things started to move in very interesting directions.  I began doing computer work,  this job was very clearly a God thing, as I found out about it by of all things snail mail.  It worked out really well, move forward and I have had the chance to stretch and learn more IT stuff.  Then J and I started to get more involved at church.  Helping out where we could.  I was privileged to speak to men’s breakfast, and have enjoyed our Pizza and Prayer time when they are offered at the church.  We then realized the importance of giving more of our time, and so J and I started to volunteer at Powerhouse.  I really enjoy working with Bob and the rest of the power house team. 

So much more has been happening, most recently I was privileged to attend Orange Conference.  WOW was it awesome.  I had forgotten how awesome these experiences can be.  Worship in a large group setting is a thing of beauty and something not to be missed if you ever have a chance to do it.  Still it’s more than that.  I have come to another realization.  My self imposed sequestration from certain parts of life, who I am, what I am called to and what God has gifted me with has really only served to make life dull and grey.

Anyway on to the marbles and the Yo Yo.  Several interesting things have happened in the past few weeks.  I want to speak to those things. 

First the marbles.  Strait from the conference.  They did a great visual of how much time we have left with our kids.  How much time we have to pour into them, to influence them, to teach them and let them know that they are loved, and that they are needed, that they are special.  Figure out how many weeks you have left with each of your children until their 18th birthday.  Put one marble in a jar for each week.  You will be amazed at how quickly this visual will make you understand how important your time and relationship with your kids is.  I know it has made a huge impact.  I already was trying to interact instead of react but now it is all the more important.  I want those weeks to be full of the things that will prepare my girls for a life that is full of relationship, service, and happiness. 

The Yo Yo, yea that’s one of those ooggyy ooggy things.  I recently was in an interview, and was asked how I prepare for messages etc.  I walked the interviewer through the process that I use, down to my yo yo habit.  See when I prep for a message or teaching, after the prayer and study, and writing.  I then take all the points and walk around talking out loud to process things.  While I am doing that processing I am also yo yoing.  I have been doing this for years.  It’s just this thing I do.  The problem is one of my yo yo’s is broken, one is lost, and the other one has a busted string.  So I don’t have a yo yo.  I was in fact thinking that if things happen the way I think they will I’ll have to go buy a yo yo.  Remember I don’t do oogy oogy, but this is kind of strange in a good way.  I arrived home from Orange really late on Friday.  Saturday morning Amberly was all excited and informed me she had to give me something, she was so excited to do so.  She reached into a bag and pulled out a yo yo.  The oogy oogy part of it all is I never told her about the yo yo or the conversation I had with the interviewer.  In fact as far as I know the only person that knows about the whole Yo Yo conversation is the guy that did the interview and myself.  So yea, that was just strange.  If I were the kind of person that went in for the whole Gideon fleece thing, well then perhaps I would latch onto this,  That’s just not me, still the fact that she gave me the yo yo is kind of strange don’t you think.  It will be very interesting to see what happens next.  We are just remaining open.  That’s all we can do.

So that’s about it.  Orange had so much good stuff in it that I will do some debriefing when I get the chance.  I know there are several blogs sitting in my notes from the week, look for those in the coming weeks. 

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