The one that did it…

We stream TV, that’s all we do now.  We haven’t had cable proper for years.  It can be a bit of work to get it all worked out but it makes more sense, sure we have to wait a couple of days for new shows but the plus side is there are less commercials and since the commercials we do see are the same over and over for the most part you know exactly how long between them you have to go grab a snack,  carrots lately as I am going for the whole healthy thing. 

Anyway on occasion Hulu will allow you to watch an extended commercial instead of the normal breaks in the show,  when it offers this option, which I think is fantastic, you can then watch whatever show you have chosen commercial free…

The other day J and I were about to watch Guys with Kids, we like the show it’s funny and as a dad that stays home with the baby it can be pretty cathartic.  The choice to watch an extended commercial came up, the interesting thing this time was I don’t remember it telling me what it was about, it probably did but who knows I don’t recall the normal identification of what was about to be shown coming up.  I said yes to the commercial and found it was a movie trailer.  

Now for the record. I love scary movies, suspense movies, just about anything with a zombie in it I’ll watch.  Years ago I sat in our basement when J was at a women’s conference and watching Room 1408, as I watched the movie it got darker and darker outside and consequently in the house.  I thought the girls were asleep in their beds until Amberly called from the top of the stairs.  I freaked out mainly because she had the same sing song voice that the little girl voice was in the movie.  The thing is I look back at that and laugh and remember the feeling it gave me and it’s a good time a good memory…what I saw the other night just sits there and bothers me. 

The trailer was for a movie called The Purge.  As I said I normally love scary movies.  I’m the guy that  telegraphs what the bad guy is going to do or to use to carry out his killing, and will normally make some sort of snarky comment,   “oh look it’s a wood chipper, bet that gets used later.” Wow look at that someone left a perfectly good hatchet sticking out of that tree stump…”  run dude run I just saw a chain saw in that wood shed”  you get the point.  It’s almost comical, always over the top, and said implement of destruction is usually wielded by an equally over the top bad guy with some mundane name be it Jason, or Michael or Freddy. 

There are things in life that we all wish we could un see, visual pictures that evoke emotional responses.  Amberly will forever be the little girl that had an ear ache.  She knew band aids were for things that hurt so she wanted a band aid on her ear.  I’ll never forget my tear filled baby girl crying and holding the band aid to her ear, looking at me wanting to know why I wasn’t putting the band aid on her ear to make the earache go away.  It was one of those heart hurting moments when you understand that no matter how much you love them and how much you want to shield them from any and all pain, no matter how many bees you catch in the car so they don’t get stung, you can’t always make the hurt go away. That picture of Amberly in need will always be in my brain, a good thing.  Unfortunately so will the movie trailer for The Purge.

I was so disturbed by it, so put off by it, so angry that someone would make this movie.  I have never really gotten worked up over a movie.  I figure if I want to see something I will if I don’t I won’t but neither will I attempt to influence others one way or the other.  They need to work out their own things what is right and wrong.  If they are a Christ Follower it’s called working out our salvation, if not I don’t know what you would call it but I’m sure there is a correlation.  (incidentally if you’re reading and you would like to know the ins and outs to being a Christ Follower I’m more than willing to give you the details.)  This is the first time that I would actively tell someone not to see something,  Not to put it in their brains, not to watch a movie.  It was that frightening to me.

The question is why?   That’s what I’m going to be working on for the next few weeks.  An answer to why.

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