My warm fuzzy!

I have been doing independent contract work with a company in the area fixing computers, setting up networks, and helping people know how to make their computers work.  I think one of the things that interests me the most in this whole situation is the age of the people that I am working with. Most of them are on the other side of the hill, in fact, if I dare say so, I would have to say that some of them are fairly close to no more hill left.

Sometimes the things that they ask me to do are funny, sometimes finding the problems they have gotten themselves into is just plain frustrating.  If they have animals I get to deal with things like this lady’s dog the other day sitting behind me while I was working, incessantly licking his KONG toy, not really the most enjoyable thing to hear while trying to install all of the software this lady thought she would need and then some.

I have had some really great experiences, and some really frustrating ones.  I am enjoying the time frame, it works out well and allows us not to have to get a sitter,  I have even been able to share my faith, in a non threatening way, and have enjoyed finding that people were not totally turned off by a Christ follower.

Anyway the other night this one thing happened and it has been my warm fuzzy for quite a while now.  I have had the privilege of being an integral part of all three of my daughters early years.  All three of them have spent time in a church office, they have all spent the first 6 months to a year with me in the mornings.  Amberly even went to Men’s breakfasts when we were in New Castle,  she would sit in her carrier and we would talk and eat and pray, it was really cool.  I love this opportunity, the chance to be in my daughters lives in a way that many dads don’t get to have.

If you were to divide my heart into pieces it would look something like this, now keep in mind that it’s hard to divide a heart…

my heart

J’s letter is bigger because well lets face it, she has the biggest chunck of my heart, and as I said it’s hard to divide a heart so getting the girls portions even was pretty close to impossible.  I hope everyone realizes as well that my relationship with God comes first.  I would love to be able to tell you that it always has, but I’m human and there have been times when that has not been the case.

Anyway the four people in that very amateurish picture represent my warm fuzzies, but I have to tell you that each of them fills that segment in different ways.

J: The fact that she has put up with me all these years and still loves me is, well pretty amazing,  having said that the warm fuzzy from J comes from those times when she holds my hand, or snuggles up with me all on her own.

Amberly:  Her spirit and willingness to try things is amazing. The warm fuzzy I get from her comes from her attempting to embrace everything I like; she has sat in on full blown role playing games with me pen and paper style mind you, she rides all the rides, she likes the movies I like, but the biggest warm fuzzy I have gotten from her lately was looking at the way she signed her signature on a paper for school. Yes, that’s right, she attempted to match my scribble and did a pretty good job, even emulating the”A” I use.

Zoey:  Has always been my snuggler, she will crawl up next to me given the chance and just snuggle and tell me she loves me and when I have to work late in the evening, well the other day says it all; “I don’t like it when you work late, I miss you.”

Lil Jo:  The other night after a long afternoon of work, I came up to the front door, stuck my key in the lock and opened it.  There was this huge scream and Jo just ran to the door with all the speed a 15 month old can muster she was so excited that I was home.  Forget the fact that she had been with me throughout the whole day, she was happy that I was home.  She ran to me and wanted me to pick her up.  Of course I did so.

So there you have it.  My warm fuzzies.  I may get frustrated with the girls.  I may lose it when they don’t flush the toilet, or when I have spent the entire day cleaning only to have it wrecked within 5 minutes of them being home, but on balance.  The warm fuzzies that I get from my family far outweigh the frustrations.  I think I’ll keep them, and I’m reasonably sure they plan on keeping me.

One response to “My warm fuzzy!

  1. Boys not only forget to flush toilets, but they also pee not only on the toilet seat but all around the toilet. Be thankful. Enjoy your blogs. Praying for you.

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