Lets be clear…

Okay so the other night a friend of mine on Facebook wondered if I was still doing the Kids and Family ministries thing at this church that I was part time at.  She wasn’t sure because she hadn’t really read about it on my blog. 

My reply was that I didn’t really deem the church blog worthy, mainly because I knew sometime in September or October that things were not going to last much longer.  I had some serious concerns that were never really answered in a positive way.

As a one time pastor who has begged God to take away the calling that he placed on my life all those years ago, and who in fact continues to do so off and on as they days go by. I have always known certain things.  I have understood what it means to have a relationship with Christ. 

Matthew 28:19 (NLT)
19 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This verse really doesn’t seem like rocket science to me, so I would like to ask a question of all of you. 

What does it mean to lead someone into a relationship with Christ? 

This was just one of the questions that presented itself.  There were social issues, spiritual issues, and very real personality conflicts.  Change was talked about but not really wanted or needed. 

All of these things coupled with my really not understanding or being able to articulate what I felt the church did well went to prove the fact that I really wasn’t a good fit, and while I miss aspects of ministry there, I don’t miss the place at all.  I enjoyed getting to know some of the people, and others well you never like or will like everyone. 

I am sure I made many people uncomfortable, I am sure that my desire to move things into new directions really was frightening,  I am also sure that there are some things that I am and some things that I am not, and one of the things that I am most defiantly not is Methodist, at least not that particular flavor of Methodist.

Here’s the thing,  some of the things that the Methodist movement does well, I can really be on board with.  There is a real sense of the importance of the social aspect of the Gospel at work in the Methodist church, and I have come to realize that many churches today, really could use a good old dose of reaching out to their fellow man or woman regardless of the bottom line, or what it gets your particular church. 

Many churches today seem to think they are an integral part of the work of salvation.  I am not sure why but for whatever reason we have placed our programs, and thoughts, our style, music, sermons all of those things into the mx in a way that they just don’t fit.  Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are important, they are needed, the church is needed.  God tells us not to try and go it alone, however somewhere along the line the church, especially today’s evangelical movement has developed this idea that salvation has contingencies,  you have to look right, act right, be right.  You have to come to the front and make this proclamation in front of the body of believers.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very important for a new Christ follower to tell someone that they have made a decision to walk with God.  To live and move and have their being in Him.  Not telling someone makes me suspect of weather they even have, but it seems to me that it makes more sense to make that profession to someone that you know, someone you have relationship with.  That means so much more than a bunch of people you don’t know. 

I guess what I’m saying is the Methodist church gets the importance of the social side of things, but from what I experienced recently the spiritual side, was not really up to the standards that J and I have set for our family, and trying to make those things happen in this particular church didn’t really work out. 

So there it is, a bit of an explanation as to why we are no longer working at the church we were at, and why I didn’t really deem it blog worthy, it was an educational experience, and there are people I met that I have respect and even fond memories of, however I do not miss the rest of it…

Now we wait, and pray and remain open…

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