So long…so bad

Last night I did some resume updating, and all the subsequent things you do when you update your resume.  That’s when I noticed that it had been over a month… in fact well over a month since I had taken time to write. 

Much has happened in the time between then and now.  I have recovered from foot surgery, watched two of my girls get a year older, bringing one of them to double digits, and added a year to my own trip around the sun bringing me one step closer to 40, and as I sit here this morning watching Josie sleep on my bed I realize in just 2 days she will be 1.  Notice I said one none of this 12 or 24 month crap for me, she has been on earth for a year, that fact in and of itself is an amazing thing to me, as we thought we were done having children… safe to say we are now though. 

Other things have happened, things that have frustrated me, things that have brought joy things that have brought sadness. 

As I walk through life, trying desperately to work out my salvation, I have come to the realization that it is work.  Any relationship is work, but a relationship with God is at times harder than anything.  You can’t see him, you can’t hear him, you can’t touch him.  You are tasked with so many difficult things when it comes to a relationship with God not the least of which is faith. Still I would much rather have the comfort of that relationship, the understanding that comes from belief than to not have that connection.

Things have been getting difficult and in that difficulty I am realizing that I don’t really need to be creative or innovative, so many times people say that is what they want, but when those things begin to happen the discomfort that is there brings them back to what is familiar, and so those that push forward end up stopping, at least that’s what I’m doing. 

Finally I have to wonder what a relationship with Christ means to others that I know.  I know what it means to me, I understand what it is.  I understand that there are certain universal markers for what a follower of Christ, any follower of Christ has when it comes to their relationship.  What does a person do when those markers are missing or not even understood by others who state they know Jesus?

I have always said this is my blog, and that I write on it to work out my own issues and see what others think.  I admit it’s been a while but I hope some of you reading will get it and at the least offer a prayer for this time of confusion.

More next week… I promise

One response to “So long…so bad

  1. So glad to have a new blog from you. You so often say things that I think and some how that is encouraging. I continue to pray for you and your family. Blessings and love, Del

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