Childish Curiosity

VBS the three letter word that so many parishioners dread, mainly because when a church VBS starts up it’s almost a given that they are going to be asked to volunteer three to five days out of their lives in an effort to reach out to a large group of kids.  There is of course the potential to reach their families as well, especially  if the church opens the VBS to people outside of the church. 

This year I was asked by the coordinator of VBS to be in charge of the stories, of course when I agreed to this I didn’t think I was going to be hobbling around after foot surgery, but hey not much can be done for that. 

Yesterday was a very  interesting day.  Kids can ask some of the most interesting questions.  Our first and second grade class had a great question.  Mr. A (that’s what they call me) How can Jesus be in every ones heart at the same time?  I asked the students to take a few deep breaths.  I then asked them what they were doing when they did so.  “Breathing,” “and what were you breathing?”  “Air”  I went on to ask if there was enough air for everyone to which they replied yes. Jesus is like that air there’s enough of him for everyone. 

Crisis averted the last class of the day came in our third, fourth, and fifth graders.  We finished up the story of when John baptizes Jesus, I mentioned that we didn’t hear much more from John after this until he asks if Jesus is the Messiah while in prison.  The end of his prison term came with his death.  I wasn’t going to mention the the whole beheading thing, but one of the kids asked what happened.  I had just told a story and figured they would rather do something else, the kids asked me to tell them the story anyway.

I love the curiosity that these student’s have shown.  The desire to know more about God and the willingness to just ask the questions that many adults may consider silly.  Sad really.  More and more I am realizing that we are supposed to come to God like a child, because children ask questions without really worrying about what it may sound like or look like or how it may make them look.  This phenomena doesn’t last very long.  Already Amberly is starting to censure herself,  preferring to think about how a question will make her appear or seem. 

I wish I could stop time and keep her right here, in the sweet spot where daddy is still cool.  I see it changing every day, I watch her out of the corner of my eye giving me the same look that I gave my parents when I realized that they didn’t know it all, that they weren’t super people, that they were human.  I remember when I thought my dad was the coolest thing in the world.  I remember when I realized he wasn’t and now all these years later, I understand how much it hurts. 

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