The importance of change

There are a few things that are constants in my life. My family, my love of pizza, and my calling. These things do not change in their importance to my life. My family will always be the most important thing in the world to me, Pizza will always be my favorite food, and my calling will not leave, even if I would like it to.

I am a man stuck in a world it seems that gives lip service to change but gives practice to something else.
Making hard decisions is not something that people like to do but sometimes these things must be done.

I have been growing increasingly impatient with the speed at which things get done, or get changed, the desire to see things move in a new direction and the apparent lack of understanding when it comes to the time needed to make things happen.

Hours are needed to make things work, to make things be what they need to be, at the same time hours are not really given. How do you not spend time on an integral part of communication. My confusion seems to mount.

The point of Lego Christianity is being open to God’s rebuilding process no matter what is required, and yet there are times that I want him to put a different part in place instead of the one that is there.

I suppose as this is a place for me to vent my frustrations and concerns it can also be a place for requests for prayer from those that read this and do so.

More to come as the weeks wear on.

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