What’s Next

Easter is over as is the Newell Family vacation, and I must say while there were things that were greatly enjoyed, I am glad it’s over.  I always wondered why people would say that they needed a vacation from their vacation, but that is how it is.  I actually find being in my office a welcome break. 

A lot has happened in the past few weeks and months in the Newell house.  One of J’s colleagues at work stated that our life should be a TV show with all the things that have happened, just in the past four years or so, and while I completely agree, I also have to say that those things  have made us different people, I hope and pray they have not just made us different, but also that they have made us better, or I should say they have made me better.  The person I have become is infinitely more suited to life and work and ministry than the person I was.  I often times wonder why it is that it takes years to learn things that would have helped out at the beginning of things. more than that I wonder why I learn the hard way, even when I tell others it is so much better to learn the easy way or the first time. 

It is very good to be home though, and even better to be sitting at my desk writing and working on plans for our Spring outreach.  Going Green is our theme, the plan is to find people in our congregation who would like to plant and weed and get their grounds in shape for the summer and fall season but are unable to.  If they will supply the material we will take our tweens in and do the work.  Which brings me to this other point or thing that is going on right now. 

I am in the middle of reading a book by an agnostic who decided he wanted to see what it would be like to take a year of his life and live Biblically, not just abide by the moral laws, not just pick and choose like so many of us do, but actually live an entire year following the Bible exactly, or as exactly as is humanly and legally possible in today’s world, it may be hard to stone someone or cut off some ones hand in our country if they steal, and I’m fairly certain he didn’t dig his eye out when he caught himself looking at that Victorias Secret model a bit longer than was necessary, anyway you get the idea, and while I don’t think it’s an experiment I’m going to sign up for any time soon, there is something to be said for living more of what I profess. 

For a long time now I have been more and more convinced that Evangelical Christianity has lost touch with the world, sometimes going so far as to condone such actions by using scripture out of context to assuage their guilt. I am increasingly convinced that Jesus was much more left leaning than Evangelicals care to admit.  Socially at least I’m sure this is the case.  Which brings us to what we are doing,  literal planting in the hopes that some figurative, spiritual planting can take place.  In addition to working with our church family, I am laying the ground work to partner with Habitat for Humanity they have a great Junior Build program. 

One of the most refreshing things about being in a Methodist Church is the ability and encouragement to get involved with already begun initiatives in the community, not having to recreate things that have the churches stamp of we made this on them.  We can reach into our community and help people, be salt and light through channels that are already set up.  I’m not saying that other churches we have been at would have not allowed this, but I do feel that this was not the most desired way to do things,  It seems to me that churches prefer to be more homogenous than they do collaborative, even after giving lip speak to the idea of helping. 

Anyway the next step would seem to be actually finding out what it would take to become full fledged Methodist.  I have put feelers out but I really feel that it’s important to make the connection, and really identify with the body that I am now working in.  If I really am a Pastor, which it seems to be I am,  If I am called and if God has not let that calling go away even when asked for it to, which He hasn’t well it may be time to take the proverbial plunge. 

Cross your fingers for me.  I know I am.

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2 responses to “What’s Next

  1. As you know, I am very conservative. At the same time we (whom it benefits) try to make God conservative while others try make God liberal. I would say God is neither. Remember when Joshua met the angel the angel said he wasn’t on either side. He was on God’s side.
    We try to hard to make people look and act like us until they are welcome in our church. Unless over seas we don’t want to reach out unless they’re the same as us. We need to bring God back into our morality and not only protect the babies but protect our environment, love our neighbor, etc.
    Aaron remember: Seek first the Kingdom of God and God will take care of everything else.

  2. I am praying for you and am delighted that you are back in ministry. I have no doubt that you are a Pastor regardless of the title of any position that you hold I am excited to read about your ideas to touch the young people in your church and in the larger community. As always, God is doing a good thing in and through you.


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