Yesterday I wrote this really great post, it was all about my use of the cloud now instead of tethering myself to Word.  It was all about my embrace of Google, and all it’s insidiousness, no worries though I stopped short of giving them my hand or forehead.  Something happened though and even after all the spell checking and such I didn’t hit post, and lost the whole thing when Qumana decided to freeze on me, never really had that problem before.

So alas poor reader you will be left without knowing my reasoning behind all the cloud computing that I am attempting to do.  Just grab your favorite cup of coffee and hug yourself while rocking back and forth repeating "it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay." 

Today being Tuesday I thought I would get some stuff done on here before staff meeting, I had all sorts of great plans to come to you with a poignant run up to Holy Week message. I thought about getting prepared, or about the beauty of Christ’s Sacrifice, I thought about talking about what must have been going through Jesus head.  I thought about all of this and decided to scrap the whole idea. 

The thing is all of these things have been done.  Some of them by me, and while the sacrifice that Christ made never grows stale, and the grace that was given never gets old or boring,  I do, in fact if most people who have been in any form of ministry for any length of time would sit down and admit they do too, aye there’s the  rub as good old Will wrote all those years ago.  Weather attempting Relevance for my generation, or properly utilizing technology and tapping into all that is tween and teens for the next generation, or Yo Gabba Gabba ing it for my kids generation, or even harkening back to deep seated tradition for my parents and before them, we can never hope to adequately describe or impart what really happened, because no matter how hard we try it, the whole thing, the whole Bible the whole story of Christ that is woven throughout the Bible is so utterly fantastic and unbelievable, and no I don’t mean that in a wow that’s unbelievable like some great come from behind victory, I mean really intellectually unbelievable.  Showing people the truth that is and leading them to the realization that they need a relationship with God, and getting them to understand that even though it’s unbelievable, it is truth is a daunting task quite frankly I’m not up to it, neither are you, neither is your pastor, or priest or imam, or whatever it is that you have, and that my dear friends is the whole point, because after the processions to the front of the church, or the incense and chants, or the power point presentations with great media, or the passion plays or the sunrise service in the grave yard, or the wonderful communion service, or the choir’s performance of whatever they are reforming, or the youth groups drama or human video.  After all of this stuff that we do to try and get people to accept what we believe it really doesn’t matter. 

In the church world, a world that I would submit dear reader is totally out of touch with the world in general, we have at most three days to reach people with who Christ is and what being a Christ follower is all about.  one of them is already gone along with the trees and tinsel, one of them is almost here, and the third is right around the corner (for some reason mothers day seems to have a lot of people in church to please mom do we take advantage of it?) These days seem to be the ones that people most associate with a need for a connection to a church, notice I said a connection to church, not a connection to God, people seem to have a desire for something more than themselves on a daily basis, they just don’t really think that church is important to making that connection, perhaps their right, especially when church has become a haven for ultra conservative, right wing political agendas that focus more on the current administration, or the need to protest on a sidewalk in front of a clinic, or to let people know how wicked they are, or to demonize an entire people group because of the beliefs of some of them, or the death knell of any chance to share Christ the Those People syndrome which is rampant in the church even as we in the church insist otherwise.  To be fair I also don’t think that we should go the other rout and be totally liberal in everything we do, watering down the truth of the Gospel to appeal to the most people, telling people that a relationship with God is easy, or that everyone’s okay, or the whole many paths thing.  I don’t believe that either. 

What I do be live is this,  Jesus want’s us to remember his sacrifice… but.  I always think that it’s interesting that Jesus didn’t celebrate the Passover with all of the people who followed him,  this was an intimate moment for those closest to him.  He told them to remember him through the sharing of the cup and breaking bread,  He wanted them to remember Him while he was alive, though.  I am becoming more and more convinced of this.  I know that he talks about the bread being his body and the cup his blood spilled but he didn’t do this after the crucifixion and resurrection he did it before,  "do this to remember me."  more and more I am convinced that he wanted us to remember his life, and how he lived, where he walked, who he talked to, who he hung out with, and what he showed people as well as what he said to people, Jesus wanted his closest followers, to remember how he lived and moved and had his being with them, and the tax collectors, and the prostitutes, and the naked man running through the grave yard, and the untouchable lepers, and the wise old church leader who came to Jesus at night and admitted that they all knew he was something special.  How he lived in community with his community, how he reached the need before he made the pitch. 

I sometimes wonder if I had a church, if I were to do what I have thought of doing for so many years, if I were to start a church what would that churches Easter service look like.   More than ever I think the church that Aaron starts Easter service won’t be in the sanctuary, but will be under the bridge, or out on the beach or in the park, the Sunrise service will take place at the Nursing home, the breakfast will be served at the mission, the communion will take place on the street corner. 

That my dear friends is what I would do.  Too bad no one will join.

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One response to “Yesterday

  1. Well nephew I beg to differ, I would be glad to join you. In fact if Aaron had a church I would go, Pastor Jeff at FCA is kewl I really like him but I would diffidently go to your church. Is this a HINT!!

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