Dearest Facebook Friends

This has to be said.  I know that my blog posts to my Facebook page, at least it did before the change, and I’m pretty sure it still does, anyway, I have to say this.  

Facebook is like on gigantic open chat room, you remember those from way back in the day, and while I’m sure that people still use them Facebook is different, it offers all this and more and even gives us the ability to chat or text or im or whatever.  Anyway enough of the explanation. 

I wonder if we all think about what we are posting, or tweeting, or whatever.  I look at this as a place to connect with friends and find out what’s going, and I have been or could be accused of, and rightly so, TMI.  I wonder at how I appear to some of my friends when they read some of the things I choose to chat about on my Facebook page,  does everyone really want to know about some of the mundane details of my every day life.  Do I need to know what you ate for supper, do you need to know what time I brushed my teeth last night? 

I spent a chunk of the summer on a trip across the country with my Mother in law and oldest daughter to help a cousin move.  As I look at my Facebook page I see check in’s at some interesting places and some that are just where we were eating, and while I’m sure it helped my lovely wife to know where we were did everyone really need to know that? 

I wonder if people need to know when I’m having a bad day, or when someone makes me angry,  what about the ranting’s about our car that still two years later isn’t fixed.

I read friends posting things that have to do with their personal relationships or break ups or hook ups or whatever it is they are doing.  I see pictures that people put up and have to sit there and wonder what were they thinking,  I see pictures that I have up and I have to think "what was I thinking?" 

It reminds me of what we all do, well most of us do when we see someone in public that is dressed in an interesting way, or  is a bit larger than we think they should be. 

On Valentines Day I took my family to Buca Di Bepo and then the movies, as we sat there a guy and his girl came in and were sitting the next table over.  The girl kept looking at Jocelyn, couldn’t take her eyes off of her really, what I should have done was say nothing what I did do was say loud enough for the guy to hear, after she made a comment to her boyfriend that she just couldn’t stop looking at the baby,  I said sorry dude.  Why was I sorry I mean I knew what the looks she was giving him meant and that she wanted one, but still why did I feel it necessary to let that guy know I thought he was toast when it came to the just the two of them thing. 

Then there’s the time that I saw a guy at the buffet in Ci Ci’s carrying his significant others purse.  Out of my mouth comes awe dude it totally matches your outfit.  He almost spit on the food laughing but still why do I feel my opinion and observations matter so much,  Why do we all on Facebook feel that way. 

Do I need peer validation so much?  Do I think that everyone is interested in Aaron and all he has to say, am I that pathetic?  Are you?

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