Embrace the Random

I’ve been trying something out on Facebook the past few days,  I am writing about it here to see if anyone catches some of it.   30 days of randomness is a new initiative put out by yours truly.  It’s actually a pretty simple concept at some point during the day I will post whatever is in my head at that moment.  This has ranged from numbers to phrases to movie quotes to books of the Bible.  I am interested in seeing what else will come from my brain in the next few days.  What’s it all about though?  I guess I’m wondering where my random thoughts go from day to day, then I want to see if there is some pattern that I can identify.  I wonder how many of the random thoughts will have a spiritual significance, or a pop cultural one, or a familial one.  It is going to be interesting to see where my thoughts were at a given moment on a given day.  Will my political bent come out, will my freakish trivial knowledge win out, or will there be more spiritual things coming to mind?  I also wonder if all those things are intertwined.  So there you have it.  30 days of randomness.  I am interested in several different things when it comes to this project not the least of which is what people may think or what they may say.

Ah well that’s about enough of my rambling for the day.  Enjoy the rest of yours.

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