It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step too…

When I look at the posts to the old blog and see that the last time I posted was in November I feel ashamed. 

Much has been happening in our lives and while I mean to sit down and write it for everyone, I just don’t.  I would love to say that it’s not a conscious choice but there are times when I think of what I should do when it comes to communication with all of you and I just decide that I would rather… fill in the blank. The thing is it’s not a good thing to activlly choose to ignore, mainly because not only does it help me keep you all informed, it’s also really good for me.  I’m supposed to be writing every day and well this is one of those ways that I can fulfill that requirement that I have made for myself. 

On to the thought of the day.  One of the most intersting journeys that I have had the privelege of embarking upon has been the one to where I am today.  Sitting in an office in a church, I really wasn’t sure that was going to happen, but here I am.  Potomac UMC is a great church, and being the Family Ministries coordinator is pretty cool.  I have to jump through some hoops to get my licensure with the Methodist church,  something that I am actually looking forward too. 

We celbrated two years of life over MLK day.  J is doing really well and as you all know we now have a larger family.  The girls are all wonderful, all four of them.

J is busily working on her entries for the Fair this year,  she has a goal to enter enough things to get her camera that she want’s.  Amberly of course had things that she has to enter in order to remain in 4H.  Zoey wants to enter a few thigns as well I think she can enter up to six things.   I have decided to embrace the whole fair thing this year and enter stuff with the thought of getting a flat screen tv if I win enough.  I’m not sure that it will happen, but I can always hope. 

One of the most intersting things is the dreams that still come, the jerking awake at times that amazes J it sort of amazes me as well.  I only can wonder at people who have to go through so much more.  If the scars that I have are still with me what about the ones who’s scars run so much deeper. 

I am excited about where things are going,  I’m happy about who I am now and who my family is, I pray that one day I will be able to be happy with where I was.  I think that’s the big issue though that many of us face.  Being happy with who we were and where we were consumes so much of our time and thought processes that we forget that what matters is where we are right now.  I know one thing.  I’m really glad that we only see things in outline and shadow.  Seeing things clearly would blow our minds, at least I’m sure it would blow mine.

So dear reader I leave you for today.  More will be coming very soon.

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One response to “It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step too…

  1. A poem Erma just read: Put yesterday behind you, It’s gone and won’t come back. And we cannot see ahead far down tomorrows track. Enjoy the fleeting moments that come just for today, The sweet song of a bluebird The morning sun’s first ray, A warm and loving hand clasp Welcome letters in the mail A bunch of fragrant violets Rain splashing in a pail. Each day has something special Some joy or souvenir. It might be gone tomorrow so enjoy it while its here!

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