And I think to myself…

Summer school is over, pretty much an anticlimax with how it ended, however that was to be expected, so why the title?  A few days before school ended as I was working with Emily a little boy went walking down the hall singing “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” Here’s a kid that will have challenges his entire life and he has a grasp that I don’t have on how to live.

As we sit in church today, and yes I realize I’m blogging during  worship, deal with it, Gods speaking something to me and this is how I process, anyway as I am here things are clearing.  God has been dealing with me for years now, some know this because of what you have read, some may read more now out of curiosity.  I have learned about my pride, my lack of trust in God and my family, my temper, my sorrow, my joy and angst, all of it is there,all of it a reminder to me of how broken I am and have been, and its not only okay, its actually desireable. 

If this little broken boy can sing this, I can too.  I can make the active choice to THINK, to myself what a wonderful world.  See if I believe that I am letting the mind that was in Jesus, if I am really trying to be more like Christ I have to do that.  I have so much that others don’t or refuse to have because of the choices that people make, the same ones I have made and to my discredit still do at times. 

Today we are visiting Covenant Life for Amberly, she wont be at the school any more and wanted to see her friends one more time.  I feel an intense desire to be at Immanuels, I am not sure why but strange things have been happening.  Dreams have been disconcerting, however last night was clearly different, I am at times forever the skeptic, however Phillipians and the all sorts of number combinations that made little sense were there, I looked up all the combinations, amazing how strange occurrences and dreams can be used.  What’s it mean, well that remains to be seen.  I know what I want and I know what I believe is supposed to happen, and I know that if it doesn’t it will still be a wonderful world.

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