What to do when it all goes wrong.

I know that many of you are probably thinking that the title must suggest that things have gone south with the interview process at the church. Nah not at all, I am actually interviewing at 12:00 tomorrow. So why the name for the post.

I am so anti windoze it’s not even funny, I just can’t stand the windows product line at all, I am in fact a mac man, have been for quite a while. I love Mac, I love the Mac OS. It’s elegant and clean and I rarely if ever have had any issue with it. It’s just a thing of beauty. However even a fan boy can admit when he is stymied and gets frustrated and so dear reader I must do so. At some point last Friday my beautiful machine that’s several years old decided that it didn’t want to boot past the blue screen that appears between the gray apple logo and the desktop. This is a problem my friend, especially when you are used to your computer, when everything you have is locked onto the laptop and at this time there is not hope of getting a replacement. I take good care of my stuff and pride myself on being able to make things work and get older systems and even some of the newer ones back up and running, I have successfully hacked the HP in the living room to run OSX, so imagine my chagrin when this problem stumped me. I ran every single trouble shooter I could, used disk utilities, went into the terminal and did some command line stuff, booted from a different drive and attempted to repair the permissions, the list is endless, and in that endlessness nothing worked.

Thank goodness for target disk mode. Plugged the computer into the beast downstairs with a fire wire cable and was able to pull all the documents and important files off of it, then I had to bite the bullet, reformat and start over.

In doing this I decided to see how Ubunutu runs on this old beast. I have to say not bad at all. I have it configured in such a way that it’s as close to my beloved OSX as is possible with docky. There are a few things that I like that I wish they would integrate into osx. Namely screenlets being on the desktop instead of on a dashboard.

The bad thing is it’s just a pretender, it’s doing it’s best to be what I am used to. I wonder sometimes if that’s how God feels about us. We do our best, we pretend at faith, we look good we sound good we seem to be what we are supposed to be, but when push comes to shove and God looks into our life does he find what I have here. A great looking piece of wetware that knows how to sound and look and even act the part, that fails to reach a real place of communion with Him?

I don’t mind ubuntu it works okay, but it’s not what is designed for the hardware I’m working on.

God must feel the same way about humanity, He doesn’t mind working around us but would rather we give ourselves totally to Him so that He can be glorified in our full potential.

One response to “What to do when it all goes wrong.

  1. I wonder: why do so many assume that God isn’t successful?

    There’s this assumption that we’re not what God wanted us to be. If that’s so, it implies that he failed to make a creation that would be as good as he wanted. Seems a mighty big presumption to think that.

    What if we’re what God wanted us to be (at least at this point in the project)? What if the biggest thing we need to make progress towards, as far as getting to a more “ideal” project specification is understanding what God wanted us to be? What if the easiest way to get more “what God wants” is to assume that God was successful? …that God’s creation is beautiful. …that we’re not woefully flawed sinners — on average — but instead rather good products with perhaps a bug or two in need of a minor upgrade/update.

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