The Week in Review

This week finds me subbing at KTHS.  I enjoy doing this, it enables Zoey to get some much needed time with her school friends and lets me feel useful again.

Admittedly for me it’s a struggle, all those tests, all those doctors visits and what I get out of it is that there are white lesions on my brain but not to worry about them.  I get told that I can reapply for my position at a company that seems to be on it’s last legs after all the issues are squared away,  said issues include the medical stuff, oh wait the day they told me to re apply (read fired)  was the day the doctor released me back to work, and the car. Which is supposedly done but doesn’t seem to be any closer to my parking space.  We ask for an invoice to show the amount of the parts and don’t get it .   It’s all over 500 bucks now but after paying 5000 plus I just have a hard time with that.  Still how much more will a lawyer charge?

The thing that gets me is, the head aches are not near as bad, sure I get them now and then but not nearly as often as I was.  I know that the job was a stressor, a huge one.  I know that we are not spending near as much on Gas as we were.  There are all sorts of reasons to be happy about not having to travel to PG county every day, at the same time I hate the fact that I am sitting without full time employment.  Anyway, God has shown me constantly that learning to say I don’t know and help is what’s important.  I don’t know, and help.  It’s actually quite liberating.

One of the cool things about this time off is that I am able to work on my book more.  those of you that read my blog at all may know that there is now a site up with the first chapter of Confessions of an angry youth pastor.  I put the first chapter up in stages.  I am going on ahead and putting up the second chapter in it’s unedited entirety today.  Let me know what you think.  I am working on chapter three as well so don’t sweat that.  I’ll also be shooting a short story up in the next couple of weeks,  more of a introduction to a longer book I’m wanting to attempt.

Anyway if your into it and would like to check out chapter two go for it, also do me a favor and let me know what you think if you don’t mind.  I”m shooting for at least 3000 words per chapter,  I am noticing that sometimes that’s easier than others.  Ah well enjoy.


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