Chapter One

So for months now I have been promising to set up a blog that has chapters of the book that I have been working on. I mean to do this, really I do, but something always happens and I don’t seem to get it done. Well no more, today in this very blog post you will find a link to the blog that will be Aaron’s Book Blog. Now you will probably find more than just Confessions on there, you may find snips of other short story ideas or novel thoughts. I have several things kicking around in my head right now.

So without further ado, I think that’s how you spell that here ya go. A link to the first paragraph. Let me know what you think if you can.


I tried for Aaron’s books but it didn’t work. Someone already took that one. Oh this blog is still going to be active. I have all sorts of other stuff to say when it comes to this whole life thing, and this is the best place that I can think of to talk about all of that fun stuff.

On a side note. While the world may run on Microsoft, everyone knows my feelings on the subject, and while I use Office for it’s simple compatibility issues, I am doing a lot of my book editing now in google docs. Doing so allows me to work on it when something new comes to mind, then all I have to do is export to word if need be.

Also typing this up on an ubuntu machine. I love my macbook and will keep going with it of course, but sitting in the same room with everyone else that is hear, and yes I did say everyone else, I’m afraid God may be preparing me for another girl, with what will when J gets home from work be 5 females in the house company is here in case you were wondering, it’s still better to be in the same general vicinity as other people.

Thanks for all your reading. Hope for some comments is you please, especially on the book blog.

One response to “Chapter One

  1. Hey A,
    How in the world are you? Fine I hope. I just wanted to congratulate you and Joyce, brother that is excellent news.

    Please say hi to the kids and Joyce for me, your dad and I got our hands full with your grandma. The past year she really started to slip so keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

    Love You Guys,
    Uncle Kev

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