I have some good news… and some bad news…

The journey of the past few weeks has been one that goes up and down.  There are so many things that seem to be happening at this juncture of our life and none of them make a lick of sense.  To bring you up to speed,   I guess it was two weeks ago I passed out on a Monday morning.  J was worried as was I, couple that with a head ache that had lasted for several days and it was time to go to the doctor.  Doctors are intersting creatures.  I wasn’t going to but upon going to Work on Tuesday and almost passing out while there, and in the process scareing people.  It was decided I would make the appointment.  I did went and so began the Oddesey of tests,  MRI’s showing white lesions on my brain, heart tests showing a heart murrmer,  eeg’s all sorts of things.  At each visit I dutifully asked for confirmation,  the neurologist said I was not to drive on the beltway at all until things were resolved.  I would let people that I worked for know, on one attempt I got my bosses voice mail box and it was full,  meaning he doesn’t even check it.  Today, waiting to go to the last of my doctors appointments I find out that they are no longer going to be needing my services.   Seems that even with medical issues they are going to down size me.  Bad news. 

Good News.  We are going to add another Newell to our family.  I’m excited about that.  More good news.  We may still be working for the church. Great conversation, so there is a lot of prayer that is going to be happening.  Every time something happens that seems to be a bad thing it’s a teaching moment.  I am praying that this teaching moment will not be wasted on me.

So if you’re a praying person please pray for us.  Pray for me that I dont lose it.


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