A Holiday For the Rest of us (festivus)

Living in the DC area one can definately see the appeal to this oft-times under appreciated holiday.  The feats of strength aside, I really like the idea of the airing of grievances.  I for one have several. 

1.  I 270 and Beltway Traffic.  If you are from here you understand if you’re not well just be glad.

2.  Christmas Lights,  I must admit that this year was not nearly the frustrating horror of years past, a horror that is completely self-inflicted.  I have this obsessive compulsive things or usually do about the way the Christmas lights are supposed to be on the Tree.

3.  Being told how horrible you look,  I have been sick for about two weeks,  I finally get back to work and what does everyone say?  Not hey Aaron good to see you, or Hey Aaron looking better, or Hey Aaron glad your back.  Nope,  “Hey Aaron you look terrible, awful, bad, sick, pale, eyes look bad.  Fill in the blank.  Thank you I realize that I”m not really myself and all that but really? 

4.  Cliche’ religious sermons Nuff Said.

5.  Republicans in office.  Wow this one is really annoying.  As I listen to what they say and how they feel entitled to the offices and how their election is “vindication”  I get really, really, REALLY irritated.  I don’t think they have the answers, I know that they don’t speak for my views or many other people’s views including members of their own party.  I have been disgusted with everything from Tax breaks for the rich and yes that’s what it is there is no way to deny that,  to threatining to filibuster the New Start treaty, to deciding that the Dream act is dumb.  I just really get annoyed every time one of them opens their mouth, especially McConnell. 

6.  Sarah Palin.  Do I really need to justify this one?  I mean really come on.

7.  Missing people and places that were near and dear. 

8.  Cancer

9.  Friends that were but are not more.

10.  The Calling.

See those are the grievances I have, some make sense some may not to you and if they don’t I guess that’s okay.  See as much as I write and hope and want people to read and let me know they are reading,  The blog is for me, it’s a chance to get my thoughts, feelings and issues out into the world,  it gives me the opportunity to get a different picture. 

Number ten will probably unnerve some people but bear with me while I explain it a little so you can get a clearer understanding as to why a calling can be a grievance.  When you live with something for 20 plus years it becomes a part of you yes, but it also can be a burden.  Don’t believe me ask Jesus.  He was called, destined to die for the sins of the world, and he grieved that.  Don’t belive me look at what happened in the Garden.  He wanted another way, he asked for another way, some would say he “made his peace with it when he said not my will but yours,”  I don’t think so.  See there are times that we are resigned to our calling,  we don’t like it, we don’t want it, we wish we could get away from it but it’s there, it’s not going away it’s what we are, who we are, how we live.  This is how I feel sometimes about my calling, not something to be sought after, or wished,  not something that I love or that I embrace, although I have loved it and embraced it, even had some of my happiest most fulfilling moments while living in it.  The problem is when you are on the other side of it.  People will say that you are still able to live your calling, or that you have to make your peace with things, or that you have to just enjoy a time of being built up.  All of these things are great, they sound wonderful, they make sense,  but they don’t answer the calling, they don’t take it away, they don’t make it easier and so I have come to the part of life where I am resigned to my calling,  resigned to the fact that it is there, that it will always be there and that it is not going to go away. 

Somehow at the end of the day when I look at the things that I write it makes them manageable.  It makes them important in a different way.  It allows me to get them out and to see them and to touch them and then to make them into something that has meaning and can change the way I look at or do things.  Hope that it helps you as well.

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