Day 2

Yesterday was quite the experience.

After 2 plus years of not having a full time job, after countless resume’s and wondering if there was anything. After spending most of my week with Z, reading to her, playing with her, coloring with her, watching her movies and having her climb up into my lap and say “daddy I love you.” I started work with Arbor Education and Training as the WEX coordinator. Big program that has not had a coordinator since November but that has needed one.

So here I sit day 2 on my lunch break updating the blog on my macbook. My computer is not installed yet but I am being told today.

I love working, I like the people, and I think I’m going to enjoy the job, but and hold on to your whatever it is you want to hold on to. I miss the daily daddy things that Z and I used to do. I miss coloring with her, and watching her movies and all that. She’s mad at me too, or at least it seems like she is. J and I each take a kid to school. I take Amberly and head to work strait from there because it works best that way but Z wants to be with me like she always has.

I know this is what I am doing and what I should be doing. I like that the door opened and I was able to walk through it, but wow who knew that all the things that were frustrating and annoying and that made me want to pull my hair out sometimes would be the very things I would miss the most.

Anyway things are going to be interesting, my boss is supposed to meet with me today but hasn’t, I don’t want to be a nuisance, but I really want to get going with things.

Anyway thats where things sit today. Lunch late, no computer in my office and waiting to see what’s next.

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