The perfect storm of confusion…

I realize it’s been a while since I have posted, for once I can say without reservation that this is by design not by lack of interest.

Much has gone before as anyone who has been reading for a while knows.

So why the time between posts? Just this J and I have been exploring options, looking for the next step, entertaining flights of fancy out west and checking out options here on this side of the world.

It’s not easy, making life changing decisions, sometimes it is better or it would seem to be better to have them made for you. Bear with me I am going somewhere with this.

See faith has to evolve and grow, humanity has to evolve, if we fail to evolve we cease to be relevant and if we cease to be relevant we are unable to impact humanity. One of the things that is needed to force humans to become what they are supposed to become is a catalyst.

J and I have been, okay that’s not totally accurate, I have been searching for the catalyst that is going to start the next process in our family. I say in our family because while this next thing is something that I will be doing it is going to have an impact on the rest of the Newell’s living here. I am not jumping to conclusions and I am talking things out with J we are open to whatever is going to happen whatever God wants, but is that a cop out? Something to say because it has the right religious overtones and makes a person sound so much more spiritual than they actually are?

See there was a time that I thought God still did things like he did when Gideon was around. Gideon would put out questions and then make these stipulations on how he would do what God said to do. Look God made this really clear. I have found myself doing the same thing at times. “Okay God so here it is if ___________ says _________ and then we see ________ I know what we are supposed to do. Took me a while to realize how faithless it was for Gideon to keep coming back and testing God.

I want things to be clear and simple. In some of the games I play the next objective is not just clearly defined but there is even a light that shows on the screen showing me the right direction to go, shoot there are even times when a big old arrow comes up and lets you know the direction if your a bit slow about getting there, thing is in real life in the real world this is not the case and wow would I love it if it were sometimes.

So why the title you may ask. Well it seems that when we make one decision things start to open up but the not just one thing opens several possible options. I say possible options because there is nothing concrete as of yet. I get positive feedback from interviews and then it’s the waiting game. The thing is as is often the case in life when it rains it pours and what happens when not just one but all of the options is on the table? Or worse yet what if we take on option only to realize a day later that the other is offered and ughh it just is a perfect storm of confusion.

Well there you have it not super profound and as I read back over it not super intelligible but I never promised those things when I started this blog dear reader I just promised the thoughts and observations that are happening in my life at any given moment.

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