Those People

One of the things that J and I love about being in this area is the diversity of individuals. I like going out and seeing a plethora of people from all over the world. I like hearing the different accents and seeing the smiles. I even like seeing all the different socio economic classes all in the same areas.

I think God must like diversity as well because He made so many different people, and then after doing so told us to go and be salt and light. He told us to sharpen each other. He showed us that true love, true compassion, true care did not evidence itself when you were loving, caring, compassionate to the people who like you and are like you but to the people that you don’t understand, the ones that are the lest of these from Matthew 25.

I think one of the most difficult things for Christians in general to realize is that we do no have a corner on the market of good deeds, or of caring about others. We just have a reason to do it that means a lot more. We do it because it’s what Jesus would have us to do, but is that enough? How can I reconcile the fact that Jesus told me to care and do things and reach out to the lost and hurting with the person that does not have that same mandate as part of their faith, and yet does it anyway?

Short answer is I can’t. I don’t understand why people who have not found out what it is to be a follower of Christ that treat people the way Christ would treat them.

I do have one observation about us though. Sometimes I wonder if those of us in the church are too busy with all the things that we are supposed to do as Christians. I wonder if we get so caught up in the struggle for what everyone else expects from us, that we forget we are supposed to reach out to those people, to be with those people, to love those people, ultimately because we are “those people.”

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