The feeding Trough

Tonight we went to CiCi’s Pizza.  J had 2 free buffet’s so it was cool we all ate for Seven Bucks.  The problem with this little adventure was that we sat facing the buffet and not just facing it but right next to it. 

I have to say I’m glad that we don’t go there all the time, it’s a nice thing once in a while but WOW what goes through peoples brains when the decide what to put on to go out in public?  Be it the extremely fat, and yes I said fat, not fluffy, not big boned, not chunky, fat fat fat fat fat,  or the older person or the younger person.  Usually it falls into one of two categories,   way way wat to tight and not enough of it, or the shiny purple pink 80’s mu mu’s and other strange things that old people wear, I am amazed.  The one girl that we saw had on a pair of pants so tight that you could not only see the cell phone in her front pocket you could read the outline of the numbers on in her speed dial book.  It just wasn’t attractive, and she wasn’t even that fat.  Then there was the old lady that looked like a cross between Grimace, and Michael Jordan’s feet in the 80’s, you remember that first pair of Jordan’s ever.  Wow good times good times.  The best part about the night was being able to make comments about people,  my favorite being the one that was loud enough for the guy holding his girl friends purse to hear, I told him it matched his hair.  He almost choked on the pizza he was hogging down over the buffet, a pretty nasty thought now that I let it sit there.  I don’t want someone eating over my food.

Anyway I realized we, and by we I mean the collective we of the people eating in the restaurant are just like a bunch of cows at a feeding trough.  What solidified this vision in my mind. 

As we left Amberly and Zoey both rang, yes thats right the cow bell.  So while none of us wears one when we come in, they want us to ring it as we leave. 

Next time I think I’ll mooo.

One response to “The feeding Trough

  1. haha, remember the time you took Outlet to CiCi’s and watched those ladies skip out to the parking lot……and even when they stopped skipping, their flub kept on going….gooood times

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