The day in the middle.

I have often wondered about easter Saturday, there are names for every other day of the Easter season.  Palm Sunday, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday but there is this day in-between.

Everyone has had bad days, everyone has had days that they wish they could re-do.  Everyone has days that they wish they could just cover their head and will the world away.  The dark days. I am sure that this was one of Peters darkest days, the other disciples, Mary the list goes on.

So why am I publishing this post so many days after I started it?  Simple  our lives have been categorized by some pretty dark days in the past months.  Just when we think that things are looking up something else comes along that snuffs out the light that has started, be it Health issues, employment, car problems, kid problems, you name it we have had it in the past two years.  I feel like we are in the day in the middle.  the day where things are dark and it looks like they are going to stay that way.   You may say “but remember things got better, Jesus rose and things got better, and yes that is true… well sort of… see if you keep reading the New Testament you will find that things did not get better.  Oh sure Jesus was alive, and yes the church was growing, but the persecution the real persecution didn’t start until after the Ascension.  The dark days for the believers were just beginning.  What strikes me is how they handled these days.  They were in the habit of counting it all joy, and while I’m sure that they didn’t all sing merrily when the persecution came, notice I said all yes I know that Paul and Silas sang, they still had a perspective that I believe is lacking in the church today, that is lacking in my life.  I wonder why it is lacking,  I think it has to do with the freedom of religion that we have in our country.   Just track with me for a moment.  Look at the church in other parts of the world,  look at the early church.  The best and most powerful moves of God happened then and are happening all over the world because there was a real sense of what it meant to be like Christ, not just in the good things but in the suffering and the bad.

We don’t have this here.  We live in a country that, contrary to what some on the extreme right want us to believe, gives us the freedom to worship as we choose.  I believe that this freedom to worship has made us soft, it has made the American Christian lazy.

Sometimes I am not sure that the “judgment” that God has sent to America is a judgment not of the nation but of the Christians in the nation because we have forgotten.  We have gotten so used to our Total Money Make Overs, and our Tea Party Patriots, and our Moral Majorites, and our need to get prayer back in the schools, and stop abortion that we have somewhere left out the message of Christ.

Years ago, and yes I know I’m going to date myself, a band name Degarmo and Key had a song called the pledge.  It sums it up for me perfectly.

“He died for me, I’ll live for Him.” Not I’ll fight for Him, not I’ll do His Job, Not I’ll take over my finances, not I’ll protest and take a moral majority stand.  I’ll simply live for him.  I’ll look at what he did, how he worked, who he talked to, who he poured into and I’ll live for Him.

3 responses to “The day in the middle.

  1. Ok so I don’t have any real words of wisdom. I friend once told me that even the darkest hour is still only sixty minutes, while it isn’t a magic wand it does help me keep everything in perspective. But ultimately the dark hours and/or days is where faith comes into play the most you have to have the faith to believe that even though things seem bad that there is a reason for it all, a bigger plan if you will. Just because you are not where you want to be doesn’t mean that you aren’t where you are supposed to be. Maybe if we stop focusing on why were aren’t where we want to be and start focusing on what we can accomplish while we are here we will be better off.

    As for lazy christians:
    I don’t consider myself lazy or any where near perfect but I can only image how exhausting it must be for all of the christians who live double lives (I like to call them Sunday and Wednesday christians). I wonder what the world would be like if we all could be ourselves and live the way we should seven days a week instead of two.

  2. Aaron,

    How you warm my heart and encourage me in my walk with Jesus. What you write resonates with me. Life is not easy whether or not you are a Christian. Romans 8 talks about how creation was subjected to futility in hope and it’s the glimpses of that hope that keep me going in the midst of all the futility I see around me (and in the worst of times in me). That scripture stirs up something in my spirit and your blog touches that same place within me.

    Please know that I believe in you for what ever that’s worth and I’m continuing to pray for Jay, for you, and for the girls.

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