Why would I want to save daylight?

Today was one of those days, actually it’s been one of those weeks. I hate time change in the Spring. I don’t mind falling back in the Autumn, it makes me think of falling back into bed after hitting the snooze button during daylight savings time, you even get the same effect, but don’t have to hit the snooze.
Anyway I’ve just been frustrated the last week with the girls, and with the general selfishness that they exhibit, you can spend an entire day doing things geared specifically toward them, even giving up your Sunday afternoon plans so that they can have a play date, that is followed by an incredibly annoying generic version of The LIttle Mermaid. Today Z just was not any kind of happy, color with me yep, make bread dough with me yep, play with me yep, all those things and then some, oh plus watch Care Bears with me. Fun times, then when time to go get Amberly and mommy the crying started, and didn’t really stop until Amberly and I left for Karate.
I wonder sometimes why God tells us to come to Him like a child on these days, mainly because of the whole selfish, unable to obey, lie filled life that happens so often when dealing with little children, then today in the car on the way to get J it hit me. Well didn’t really hit I realized that God loves to laugh and we humans afford him the best opportunities. Here’s how the conversation went.

Daddy (looking in the rear view mirror) “Amberly what are you doing?”

Amberly (looking back with three finger firmly in her mouth moving around) “What!”

Daddy (trying hard not to lose it because we have talked about putting our hands in our mouth) “What are you doing with your hands in your mouth?”

Amberly (with that well duh tone in her voice) “My tongue itches, I’m scratching it, it itches really bad.”

Daddy (really really really trying hard not to laugh and losing the battle) Well we don’t put our fingers in our mouth.

Only kids can make you laugh that much even when they make me wish I had hair to yank out in chucks.

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