girl + girl +girl = cRaZeYYYY man

Wow, i know i know i get it been late on the whole update thing but hey back into life at the house and three girls to take care of and all that goes with it well that makes me crazeyyy. lol

I am so glad that J is home as are the girls but wow something has happened over the last few days that makes me wonder. My girls have been going nuts. Amberly is pushing as many buttons and boundaries as she can writing notes to boy’s, being mouthy, being mean and Z is picking up on it and giving it right back. They are driving me insane.

I don’t ask for much any more but one thing I love is to get away for a little quiet time into nature, there are so many state parks that are beautiful around here. I was so looking forward to taking off after i got J today and going camping, me my tent some fire wood my Bible a couple of books and my ipod would make a really nice calming, soothing evening followed by some hiking tomorrow and a relaxed Daddy would return. Well not so much. As you may know we are expecting the flood over the next few days and it is in fact raining right now. Still I have my family all together something that was not guaranteed a few weeks ago.

Still anyone want a couple of little kids, today i’ll let em go cheap just realize that there is a no return policy, don’t feed them after midnight keep them out of the sunlight and don’t get them wet. Wait no that gremlins well yea okay so the way they were acting this week those rules would definitely apply.

One response to “girl + girl +girl = cRaZeYYYY man

  1. Is J able to be back to work now? You haven’t said anything in your blog about it. Hope she is feeling a lot better.

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