Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Can you imagine being told that all you had to do was follow a road and you would get everything you ever dreamed of? I feel like thats what has been happening here, after finally getting out of ICU we are on this road to the Emerald City of Health for J. Even making plans for this whole interview today and figuring out how to get the girls to see her. Yesterday was a bummer because while the plan was for them to come things didn’t work out, still she did get to talk to the girls and that helped.

Several good things did happen yesterday, J had Physical therapy and actually was able to put her feet on the floor. They changed her diet from thickened everything including water to real food that was a huge deal for her, and she was able to sleep for a while off and on throughout the day. She will go from here some time in the next two weeks to a step down resident facility for phyisical therapy and then to her moms and then home hopefully by mid FEB, the mid feb thing is my hope this is NOT a dr’s time line.

Then last night it got a bit scary and it is making me second guess this whole trip. After they did some routine stuff J had a hard time catching her breath, said it felt like an elephant sitting on her chest. I know this feeling as I have asthma. She got an x ray this am and they did some counts and while I know that we agreed for this short trip home for me for an interview and for a chance to rest I’m worried about it now.

Please pray that the whole thing goes the way it should and that it’s not a huge mistake for me to leave for this time. I desperately need the rest and the chance to be out of here for a bit so i can be strong for her but I also need her to know I’m not abandoning her.

The Wizard sent the travelers on a quest when they got the the Emerald City, showing us that nothing is free. I know that J’s health is not free I know it has to do with her and with prayer and her doctors and my ability to be here and help her after the hospital. Lets just hope when I get to the end and am faced with the witch whatever that witch may be there’s a bucket of water handy.

2 responses to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Hey Aaron, so Vera (my wife) and I went to the Policia Federal this afternoon to apply for my permanent visa to stay here in Brasil.

    Like you too, we were looking for that promise of ‘this is all going to get better.’ We were asking God for favor… and we got it, only not in the way we wanted.

    It seems my last day to be in the country on the 6 month visa they gave me is Feb 13 (a little over 2 weeks from now).

    After that we pictured them coming to the apt knocking down the door and dragging me out of the country.

    Well, not really, but you get the picture.

    Why am I sharing so much of what seems like, “So who really cares about all that Christopher?”, to you and to the world?

    Because Aaron, in your blog you are so transparent that you share your deeply personal craziness with us the readers and it causes us to really connect with you and with J in a new way.

    I thought, gosh, if Aaron (who naturally is a very private person – as you said) can open up and share his most intimate feelings with the world that way and the response is endearment from his readers, then I will be brave enough to do the same.

    Thanks for the inspiration, brother!

    Anywho (as my mom used to say)… so we found out that if I am unable to apply for permanent resident (because we don’t have the paperwork we needa…in time) by Feb 13th THEN I won’t be thrown out of the country, but rather each day I stay in the country it’s a fine of R$8.20 that incurs! And, there’s a maximum I can stay past my visa expiring of 100 days (or an R$820 fine) !!!

    Then, to top off the icing on the cake, we found out that what all we need is a judge’s approval of my status but that could take 90 to 120 days to get!

    Well, from today, I only have 116 days maximum left (even with paying that R$820 fine after 3 months and 10 days here past the expiration of my visa) .

    So, tomorrow Vera and I are going to speak to the owner of the cartorio (the place which registers the marriage) to see if he can help.

    PRAY PRAY PRAY. Thanks, and oh yes…I almost forgot.

    I thought your last blog Welcome to My Nightmare was so cool (can I say that? hmm. It doesn’t sound appropriate considering your situation, but I’ll use it anyway cause I know you understand) that I printed it out and read it to Vera for our nightly devotional.

    Then we got my old yearbook the torch, I showed her that photo of you and J working on the yearbook together and then we prayed over you both.

    You see Aaron, God knows what he’s doing.

    Let’s both just seek, knock and pray pray pray.

    Much love in Christ,


  2. Aaron – you need this interview and you need rest. J knows you love her and you’ve been by her side for days. You are not letting her down.
    Clear your head, go on the interview and you will come back a different person. I believe as a wife she wants something good for you because that is part of being loved. Faith & love are the two things you need right now. Faith because you need to step out and love of yourself. We all know you love J by what you write.
    God will provide the strength you need but you must trust Him COMPLETELY. That is not easy – I speak from experience. It is in His hands and you must trust Him.
    You both continue to be in my prayers. LuAnn

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