When you go a little loopy better keep your nurse well paid

Today’s update brought to you by.

Zombie’s R Us, Red Bull, and various gas station cappuccinos.

Last night was a great night… at first… J was awake, we talked we held hands it was nice. The problem is she was supposed to be sleeping. It’s so funny how the human mind works, how the lack of proper sleep can render normal tasks that it can usually handle with ease into a pile of useless sticks. Last night J wanted me to sing to her, I have led worship in churches have thousands and thousands of songs on my ipod, sing along to my favorite bands without missing a word, and wouldn’t you know last night I couldn’t remember whole songs. I could remember parts of them, the chorus or the first verse but when it came time to singing the whole song I just drew a blank. I spent over an hour looking up lyrics to songs that I know online only to find that I had forgotten the tune to some of the songs. How inadequate I feel to the task sometimes. I want to do what she needs me to do and be here to help her rest and sleep but I can’t even remember a few songs to sing.

We spent the night talking and me playing with her hair and humming and singing trying to calm her down. They won’t give her the same stuff that they were giving her to let her rest, because they want her to be solid in her breathing, so they gave her an antihistamine which can have the side effect of drowsiness, yes can have however with J it just made her wired and jittery. We had to tell them not to go with that one any more.

I told her she would be the life of the party with a little weed. She is kinda funny when she’s loopy and just sorta rambles about things and loses track of things. She has remained completely concrete and sure of one thing. HUNGER. All she can think about is food and recites on an hourly basis at least what she would like to eat.

Bullet Points

  1. Tube is out she is talking and has said she has no sore throat.
  2. Loopy from the drugs and fatigue
  3. HUNGER this is in big type and a good thing she wants to eat.
  4. Kidney’s still are a concern they may do dialysis again today
  5. Surgery is out for the time being they want to get her back in for it at a later time

For those keeping up on my Facebook page the nurse from yesterday is history and we will not have to have her any more.

Please pray for the bullet points, also pray that I will be able to anticipate and be here when she needs me to be and that I won’t go a little loopy, well no more loopy than I already am.

7 responses to “When you go a little loopy better keep your nurse well paid

  1. It is good to see your sense of humor. Humor is good. Humor is healing. Humor helps us keep perspective.

    It is wonderful to hear about J’s improvement. That is the best news! Thank you for your blog that keeps us up to date.

    I am still away from the office and won’t return until Feb 3. Almost finished with one paper and ready to start on the next. I have had the biggest block but seemed to have found a grove now.

    J continues to be in our prayers and will remain as long as needed. Know that you, Amberly, and Zoe are also being held in our prayers.

    I am asuming that Sunday School went well. Mauri said she had it under control. I havn’t heard from anyone and that is a good sign.

    Stay focused in the Lord and you will recieve the strength and peace that you need right now.


    • Aaron you are such a good husband. I’m sure J knows how much she is loved and cared for. You are doing great and it sounds like she is doing so much better. Yea!!!

  2. Great News. Still lots of people praying for you guys. How are the kids? When Danielle and her mom were in the hospital, I kept the kids away until I felt they would not be frightened. That was torture for everyone, and the kids just wanted to see mom. Hang int there.

  3. Hey A & J, glad to see you out of the woods! Hey, I remember that song sung by Larryboy. That sure takes me back to when my kids were small. Still praying for you.
    Much love in Christ,

  4. It is so great to hear how well she is coming along!! Give her my love and we have people all over praying for her!! By the way, thanks for the Veggietales song, now I’ll be singing it all night! LOL Mwah!

  5. aaron,
    i suspect you don’t know me–i’m andrew’s wife. andrew is one of j’s two first cousins who is closest in age to her. we have been faithfully reading your blog, and praying for j’s recovery; thrilled to hear she is more decisively on the road to recovery.

  6. Aaron, So glad to hear J is improving…God is BIG enough to see you through this storm…Mark4:35-41.Storms may come and go but Jesus doesn’t….He brought you this storm, hang onto him and he’ll bring you through… Your storm has been a huge witness to everyone…A storm is for a season…Your storm may be a blessing to someone elese. Keep the faith, stay strong!! We love you guys!!

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