Now is ze time on sprockets when we dance

To say that I have been frustrated with myself, would be the understatement of the century. J has been more alert and communicative for at least the last 24 hours. This is awesome it’s what we have all been praying for and I thank you. Remembering where we were this time last week and seeing where we are now is a huge awesome thing to realize. God is doing some serious work on her physically and for that I am very happy.

We spent most of yesterday and some of today trying to decipher sign language, gestures and facial expressions. We had a failed attempt at writing, and a failed attempt at typing I actually saved the pages file to show her when it’s all over along with the picture that she wanted me to take that I didn’t post.

As of now the tube is out. To say that I am happy would be the understatement of the world. It also should explain the Title. I feel like Dieter and I want to dance all over, is she better? No she isn’t all better but she is doing well, she is talking a bit, she has moved from a tube to a mask and she can actually tell me what she wants of a sort. In fact she already asked for contraband in the form of candy or soda. She wants a popsicle tomorrow.

Isn’t it funny how human nature is though. The first thought she had was for contraband, for something she shouldn’t have. This is how most of us are. It’s part of human nature. To want what we shouldn’t have to desire the thing that would be bad for us, to experience the forbidden. We want it as children, we want it as teenagers, we want it as young adults, we want it as grown ups, and I’m going to bet that when we hit the golden age of twilight we will want it as well. So what’s the answer? Whats the remedy? Some would say there doesn’t need to be one. Some would say self discipline, some would point to organized religion weather it be Christianity, or Islam or Judaism, or Buddhism. I am sure knowing my faith base and who I am that you wonder why I didn’t say I say Christianity. Bear with me before all of you that profess Christianity freak out. It’s not a religion or our own strength that we need. In fact religion of any sort will only serve to point out more vividly the things stuff we aren’t supposed to do, no what we need is someone stronger than we are, someone that we can go to that will provide us the support, encouragement and even forgiveness and acceptance when we do mess up. We need a place to go and we need someone to lead us there. Psalms says it like this.
1God, listen to me shout,
bend an ear to my prayer.
2When I’m far from anywhere,
down to my last gasp,
I call out, “Guide me
up High Rock Mountain!”
3You’ve always given me breathing room,
a place to get away from it all,
4A lifetime pass to your safe-house,
an open invitation as your guest

One response to “Now is ze time on sprockets when we dance

  1. Waking up is hard to do. For those of us who aren’t morning people, it’s hard enough in an ordinary day. I’d guess it must be very hard after all that. But like many hard things, well worth doing.

    Side thought: Aaron, have you had a chance to really vent at some point in these days? It can be particularly hard to vent when you’re dealing with something so stressful, but that makes it even more important to find a good safe-but-effective way to vent.

    Candy, soda, or a popsicle doesn’t sound to me like something most folks would only want because it was forbidden fruit. Those all sound like perfectly ordinary things to want after waking up from such an ordeal. Why would contraband status have anything to do with whether she wanted it? Most people only grasp for forbidden fruits when they feel oppressed and/or don’t respect the forbidding authority. People who feel freedom in their hearts tend not to hear the call of the “forbidden” and instead only answer to what makes sense to them. I’d bet those were simply just what she wanted because they’d be tasty.

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