Sweet like candy to my soul sweet you rock and sweet you roll

What happens when your best friend in the whole world is laying in a bed with tubes coming out of her? What does a person in that position do and think and feel. What do they sing? What do the pray for? What do they remember, what do they want to forget? I can tell you this they don’t want to forget one single second of life together.

17 years ago this wonderful beautiful woman crashed into me. I have never been right since. She has altered my life completely for the better. She has me tied up and twisted thats for sure, I can’t imagine life without her and I am finally getting to the point where I don’t think I will have too.

I want to let you all know that today was a good day. Last night was long and I didn’t sleep much but it was okay, J has started to wake up, she is responding to things a little bit more each day.

I am quite tired but thats okay. I will be tired if it means helping her get to a better place. Thanks for all your prayers, We still need them.

Quick Update

  1. Last night J really started to get agitated and seemed to be waking up a bit more.
  2. Dialysis today which is never a nice thing to walk into but I am glad they did it, see 3
  3. J is starting to respond more, in fact today I told her to open her eyes and she did, we asked her a few questions and she nodded in response, this is HUGE, she still can’t squeeze my hands and such but she can respond. We may get to see the tube come out Monday.
  4. Kidney’s are producing more this is a good thing, however the numbers are still high and have not really started to drop yet. KIDNEYS are an imperative we need these numbers to be better.
  5. Blood count is low they did give some blood because of that we need 10 it’s at about 8 maybe.

Got to see my parents and the kids today. I love my family more than anything and getting to hold the girls was awesome. I so appreciate the way family has come around and helped me through this and friends past and present have been here for us. I love you all past and present, even the ones that I don’t understand, even the ones that I have been upset with, what a perspective this whole thing gives on that.

Need to send a few thanks out today.

Jr. Thanks you know why
Joe 3 words, digits, NLT, CHINESE
Andi Thanks for the room help for my rents.

More thanks to come and if you’re reading and want to remind me to tell you this one dream.

3 responses to “Sweet like candy to my soul sweet you rock and sweet you roll

  1. Hey pastor aaron I am still praying for u guys! I love to hear the update, I just know GOD is going to continue to recover J to complete and total health!

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