Warm Blankets

I am sure that many of you that are reading have had loved ones in the hospital at one point or another, I am also sure that some people have been in my shoes. I really only want one thing and I am sure that everyone reading this knows what that is. I want them to fix her, and they are albeit slowly. Docs are coming in today of course, and they are going to see if it’s possible to pull the breathing tube at some point, which will be great, not sure if they have to to another round of dialysis yet that may be a factor. I will give an update later in the day when we know more as far as her condition is. I thought I would update how our night went instead.

When I went in last night I talked to her nurse that was here for the majority of the day, what a great nurse, answered questions and asked about our life a little bit. She got on at 11 and was here till a little bit after 11 so she was here when I made my trek back to my bed, a blue reclining chair that i have against the front wall of J’s icu room.

Our routine of an evening is a simple one but it is important to me. I ask a few questions when I get into the room, hold j’s hand and kiss her on the cheek tell her I love her and then talk about you all, and about the girls, and about what we are going to do this summer. Then I pull the uncomfortable chair right next to her bed and read to her from the Bible. We are reading the psalms right now I like that a bit better than some of the other stories and chapters, somehow I don’t think she needs to hear levitical law or the genealogies at this point, still we may get there who knows. After I read the Bible to her we pray for a bit, and then I read from a story book, right now I am reading to her from a Gregory McGuire book the third one in his Oz series, it’s about the Lion I am wondering if he is going to also talk about the tin man in a book and the scare crow in another, He steers clear of Dorothy except for passing references, which I find refreshing.

After that I talk to her a bit more and hold her hand, put lotion on her feet and cover her up. I am thinking of getting some nail polish for her so she can have pretty toes and doing that if she is still knocked out today, did I just say that.

After that I just sit in my chair and watch her or type on here or watch hulu or big bang theory or whatever. It’s a nice distraction. Last night had some pretty neat additions. The staff that was back there was really great they all have been I appreciate Jim from when we first got here, lasts night staff just was very welcoming like he was but the whole staff was that way. One of them had brought all sorts of stuff to make hot chocolate and not just the swiss miss mind you but the gourmet stuff with marshmallows, whipped creme, and chocolate syrup. When they brought me my cup it was hot and looked like something that would have come from St. ARbukcs. I have missed my weekly pilgrimage to the shrine of the patron saint of coffee. (thanks Keith for the reference)

The best part of the night though is when they bring me blankets, I so want one of those warmers nice hot blanket out of the oven. What a feeling to drift off to sleep with a warm blanket.

3 responses to “Warm Blankets

  1. Aaron I am not alone in relating to your hospital experiences, it seems like a whole other world. All of us high school folks are thinking about Joyce and you and your family.

  2. The OZ books are the best! I’m sure she is loving it! I’m reading the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (the original book by Frank Baum.

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