Finally some real information.

Dr just said when I get to her home. I have never wanted to hear any words more than those words in my life. We are still far from things being great. Kidney Function is still abysmal but she is producing urine now just not as much as they want.

Vital signs are good and strong and that is a good thing. There is no bowel obstruction after all at least they dont think there is what they do think is that the mass is pushing on things and that may be pushing on the bowel, which is what is causing the issue.

Now to what happened.

They believe that when J was throwing up on Sunday she aspirated some of the vomit into her lungs, the thing is there stuff bugs whatever that are present in your guts or whatever are not supposed to be in other parts of your body. She was septic. and her lungs took the brunt of it because thats where the bugs were, they are pulling a pretty good amount of fluid off of her lungs.

So whats it mean. Well for the first time a Dr. told me that they could fix her even though he didn’t say we can fix her he said when I get her home, which was not something that he was saying yesterday or even 5 hours ago today.

So here is the Bullet Points

  1. She is doing much better.
  2. Want to get her off the respirator in the next 2 to 3 days.
  3. Kidneys need to be better and start to function properly this is the BIG BIG BIG need. this also it seems is the place where all the things that have been gained could be lost.
  4. The Mass does have to be investigated but not until she gets up to a regular room.

While the Doc did say when I get to take her home he doen’st want me to think that she is out of the woods tottally, she “was a very very sick lady” now she is just a “very sick lady”

Thanks for all the prayers, please keep praying as until she is awake and is not on the ventilator she is still considered critical, however she is actually stable now.

9 responses to “Finally some real information.

  1. Aaron! Praising God with you concerning the news. Please know that we are praying for Joyce and you and your family. Praying for a miracle in her body.

  2. With tears in my eyes I want to Thank You LORD for seeing her through and giving us Doctors to be your healing hands… You are Mighty beyond mighty. ALL!!! my Praises the prayers are to you and you alone.. Amen

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