A wall of Funk

When you are in a PUBLIC waiting room, even if you are sleeping in that waiting room, and you have been in the Hospital with a loved one please leave your shoes on. When you take them off you make the entire waiting room that you have to share with other people like feet. Thankfully they let me sleep on a recliner in J’s room.

Now on to the update.

They are backing down on the sedation, which is a good thing, last night I kissed her cheek and told her I loved her and she moved her head. FIrst time she has responded to me she also opened her eyes when the respitory therapist did some suctioning. They tell me she won’t remember these things but that was a huge deal for me.

J is maintaining her vital signs on her own which is a good thing. They told me last night that they don’t want to give me false hope, they also said that they may have to give her stuff back if the levels change and they want me to know they can change at any time.

There is still some confusion as to this mass on her adrenal gland. I know that the MICU dr wants it removed, at first they were saying get her okay and schedule it outpatient, now they are saying biopsy and get it out of there now so we are in a holding patter, We are in a holding pattern on so many things.

FInally a top Dr from DC has been checkin on her thanks to the team of people at her school. We are so appreciative for all the care and support coming from that direction.

I am going to get out of the hospital for a bit and get a much needed shower today. I am sure that everyone will thank me the sponge baths are just not cutting it.

So for those that like to have a quick recap

  1. VItals Good
  2. Responsiveness better
  3. Situation still very critical
  4. Aaron gets a shower

Thanks for the prayers and concerns

4 responses to “A wall of Funk

  1. I am so glad to hear that they are starting to figure some stuff out. Great that the doctor in DC is following. It is always good to have another opinion/outside input. He may recognize something that the others are missing! You are a very strong and loving husband and J is lucky to have you at her side. I am in Oakland, so if you or Jean need anything at all, please let me know!! I can bring stuff to you or take care of anything here so neither of you have to run back and forth. Hang in there! Many people will witness the power of God’s healing touch through J! Thousands of prayers are going up for her and you everyday!

  2. My prayers are with you and your family. I will be looking at the blog everyday till she is home again. If there is any thing you need done over on my side .. Call and I am on it for you….

  3. hey aaron. so sorry to hear of this sudden set-back. i have been praying since i found out yesterday, and we prayed for j as a group at our bible study this morning. i put myself in ur shoes and my heart just aches in so many different ways. please tell j that i love her and to keep on fighting. i know she is a fighter and will do anything to continue doing what she does best; being a wife and mother. i am so moved by ur love for her written in these pages. that is one thing i have never doubted in the time that i have known the two of you…your abundance of love for each other. keep reading to her and praying with her. wish i could be there. know that my heart is very heavy with the news, but even heavier is my trust in Him. Many hugs and love ur way.


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