Too many cooks

I never really understood that, one of the things that I love is when J and I work in the kitchen together. When we make candy or when we are cooking, when we are in the same kitchen area it’s just really awesome, I know it drives her nuts sometimes because I can tend to be in the way, even though I don’t mean to be. She and I work well together on so many things. So I never really thought that too many cooks thing was as accurate as they say. I would say though that there are Too many Dr’s.

Talk about conflicting reports. Here is a sample

Renal Team
        renal failure heart is also in failure, we may have to do dialysis

Heart Team
        there is no heart attack, her heart looks strong

Surgical team
        she is very sick, heart is compromised, there is a heart attack

Bood Dude (yes I know thats not politically correct but deal with it)
        internal bleeding, we need to get that under control can’t do surgery till we fix the bleeding

MICU team (general icu dr and team)
        She is very sick but responding to treatment, she is young and that is in her favor. It’s not heart attack as much as heart trauma, Still need her to be sedated.

Lung Team
        Lungs are compromised with pneumonia tons of anti biotics

I ask questions and then get conflicting answers. So it’s quite confusing. One doctor did tell me last night that they are not telling me the answer I want to hear because they can’t promise that it would be better he said for them to tell me that she is going to pass and have her get better than it would be for them to tell me everyithng will be fine and then she passes.

Talked today to the MICU team and they did say she is better than she was when she first got here, still the swelling really bothers me and I just love her and need her to be okay. I am reading to her now and waiting to go back in again.

Thank you all for your prayers, I appreciate all of you and will continue to keep you updated as I find things out.

6 responses to “Too many cooks

  1. Hey pastor aaron the swelling is normal because of all the fluid given to her, they are probably given her a diuretic to take off the fluids. It looks bad but it will come off quick! Fervently praying for you guys and if you need help weaning through the terminology let me know and I can help

    God bless

  2. Aaron you are so strong strong and I know the doctors are doing everything possible. Its tough not knowing what they mean but I’m sure she is getting the best medical care possible. God can do miracles through their hands. We love and support you.
    I couldn’t help but laugh when I was thinking about that time that I spent like 3 whole days at your house while J made that ridiculous Easter bunny costume for me for the Easter egg hunt at church. lol she did such a good job and got to done so quickly (honestly I was hoping she wouldn’t lol) She always comes through in the end even when sewing bunny costumes I know she can come through this too.

  3. When it feels impossible, just go outside and look up at the stars and know that all you see has a creator that is not exhausted by this circumstance. He isn’t even breathing hard.

  4. I appreciate reading the updates about Joyce and wanted you to know that I can’t wait to hear her wise cracks again. You may not remember me but I sat next to you and Joyce at the Christmas dinner Awards event before the Snow days.
    Joyce has been a great colleague and it was nice to get to know you as a couple that night.
    She has helped me learn to do things like make bulletin boards which I had never ever done before in my life ! So … thinking lots of positive thoughts and sending them your way.

  5. My heart aches for you and for J. God is faithful. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is Big enough for a full recovery. Matt and I are praying for a J; for your family.
    The past 15 months, I’ve been working as a nurse in the coronary ICU at a major hospital here – and I have seen some amazing recoveries when even the doctors didn’t think it was possible –
    Heavenly Father, I pray for the staff working with J. Please give them supernatural insight in how best to care for her. She is an amazing woman; created for your glory. You are more than able – you are our rock; our fortress.

  6. I just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and we are praying and pleading and begging on your and J’s (Ambie and Zoey, too) behalf! We love you guys!

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