Lets Re-Cap

Yesterday J was at church, and after going to the restroom was not returning, her mom went and found J throwing up, she said she wanted to go home, when they returned home, Jean could not get a good blood pressure, J was cold and clammy. She called 911 and they took J to the hospital in Oakland.
They had a hard time getting J stabilized. She has fluid on her lungs and her heart rate was not what it needed to be. Still no idea what it is they put in a chest tube and have her hooked to a ventilator. When they finally got her stabilized they sent her to Ruby Memorial in West Virginia.

I received the call after returning from work and threw some things into a bag and drove to the Hospital. Kidney’s are not good, heart is not good, lungs are full of fluid, gall bladder is 2x’s its normal size and there is a mass on her kidney also there are possible issues with either her spleen or her adrenal gland not sure which one it is 7 cm instead of what it is supposed to be.

The kidney dr’s thought they needed to put her on dialysis due to elevated potassium levels. There is a ptl in that they did the blood work and found out that they did not need to do the dialysis after all. However she is still not out of the woods, we are waiting and praying. She could be sustaining a heart attack she is in with the heart dr’s now.

The girls are staying with family so pray for them. Pray for all of us. I want J to be back and to be normal so pray for her as well. We are waiting for a surgical consult and for the heart dr’s. They are not telling me that they will fix her they are just telling me that they are doing all that they can and that they are doing their best. They also keep saying she is a very sick girl.

Thanks for your prayers

4 responses to “Lets Re-Cap

  1. I am praying for you and J. I am so sorry to hear all this is happening. As I read your post, I was reminded of a very similar situation with my mom a year ago. She was in ICU for 2 weeks on a vent, feeding tubes, dialysis, and a swan in the heart. She was at deaths door. It was a very DIFFICULT time. All I could do was cling to God. Praying!!


  2. Aaron and J,
    You have my heart in many ways. My committment is even greater now than it has been. Know that I am praying for you all.
    Tillie Franks

  3. Jim and I are praying for you and J.
    We are praying for His healing. May God hold you and J in his arms.
    The Santangelo’s

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