What a bummer

I really hate it when my plans get changed, or are messed up.  This weekend was one of those times.  First the snow.  We went to Western MD for a family Christmas party.  I was supposed to leave after the party so that I could be back for work on Sunday.  Saturday morning dawned with snow, now that’s normally an okay thing especially when it is only supposed to be two inches of snow.  Yes well seven to eight inches of snow later and loads of ice on the roads it became apparent that not only would the party we went for have to be canceled or moved but I would not be able to leave to get home for work.  I needed to be there we HAVE to practice. 

It continued to get worse as we went on to have the dinner and it was a bit of a bust. 

The only redeeming factor was playing rock band Saturday night.

Anyway I am hoping that Christmas will be great we are really working on making sure things are not just fun but that they are memorable.

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