It is the curse of all mankind that the polar twins should be constantly struggling.


Several years ago J and I were able to go and see Jekyl and Hyde with the original cast.  It was great.  The title for this blog comes from there.  I love the story of Hyde.  A man who realizes the good and the bad that resides in all of us and takes steps to exorcise the evil from mankind.

Ultimately he fails because he relies too much on himself and his ingenuity.  Gee does that sound familiar.  This is the problem with most of us, me included.  Dr Jekyll fails, but at least he tried.  He left out a few important things.  He left out God, he left out a support system, he left out the woman that he loved.  He tried so hard and that trying was admirable but he failed. 

I do the same thing,  I think most do, especially when we are people who have been in some form of religious leadership.  We get it in our heads that the message that we preach is for others but we don’t get the same dispensation.  I am amazed at how this works.  We feel like we have to give and give and give and getting or accepting our faults and help is not something anyone wants us to do. I am making a concerted effort to accept mine, to accept help to offer help all those things.  Sometimes I fail still, but I am better for realizing that people don’t want unreachable saints that they have to try and be like,  they want touchable reachable, dare I say struggling leaders who recognize their own shortcomings and are willing to say “Hey I need help too.” 

I just wish I had realized this three years ago.  It’s amazing what it takes for some of us to learn.  Still if we learn it then apply it we may fall down but we can recognize the fall and ask for the help that we need.

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