I am not totally sure if there is a better title so I thought I would start with this one. I’m behind on the Blog but that is due to the fact that I am not only working part time, and taking care of the girls I am also in school and there is a ton of writing and reading and such so I don’t get the opportunity to blog as much.
I titled this amazing because I am still amazed at people in general. Some get offended easily, some just don’t get it at all, and some don’t know how to talk.

Okay in order
1. Offended easily. One of my classmates who also happens to be in my learning team, or is it on my learning team, said I came off as harsh in one of my communications… imagine, me harsh. I mean really sarcastic sure I’ll give you that but I tend to think I’m pretty darn warm and fuzzy.

2. Just don’t get it. Yea this is reserved for Amberly. She doesn’t get why she has to do what mommy and daddy say sometimes, and prefers to argue and explain why she’s right or why things should be her way.

3. Don’t know how to talk. Okay thats not really accurate, they know how to talk I just freakin can’t understand them and that drives me nuts, again to reiterate a post from a few months back. If you are in a position that must deal directly with customers you should be able to be easily understood.

there we go my rants for the past few weeks
look for a warm fuzzy blog in the next few weeks. at least I’ll try for one.

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