Where we are

Well lets see, it’s been a while, I know that I had all kinds of things that I kept saying to J that I wanted to Blog. Then I just didn’t do it. Now I don’t remember what they were. Well thats not completely accurate, I do remember what a few scraps of them were but of course scraps are not enough for a great pithy fun blog post. Still I have to get back in the habit so I thought an update would be good to do that.

1. Our cars are crap, we lost the tranny in the wagon, the jetta died and then the beater we got so that I could go back and forth to work that was supposed to be so great died 10 miles from home, the clutch went out. So anyone reading that would feel so inclined to send us a car hey we would take it. Especially one thats newer than 2000 lol.

2. Rising Hope is going to be challenging, still we gave away shoes and backpacks full of school supplies on Saturday. The whole family was there and it was great. I really enjoyed the little kids and actually felt bad that we had to stick around here today instead of heading over for the church picnick. we will be starting in October with our Kids Rock Program. I have loads to do but it will be awesome once it starts.

3. I start school this week. Masters in Psychology. I’m a little nervous but it will be really awesome. I am really thinking of going past the masters level. Wow can’t imagine a phd but it would be cool.

4. J is getting ready to start back up at school after a week or so of not having summer school. Pray for her it’s going to be a tougher set of kids this year.

5. Amberly is going into second grade and is also having some challenges when it comes to behavior, pray for all of us.

Well thats all for now. I will make a promise of more to come.

Thanks for reading.

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